Nausicaa Charrier Of Moët Hennessy On Their CNY Drone Show & Luxury Marketing

Nausicaa Charrier Of Moët Hennessy On Their CNY Drone Show & Luxury Marketing

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By Sherryl Cheong on 15 Apr 2024

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Marina Bay Sands presented “The Legend of The Dragon Gate”, an awe-inspiring display that featured a grand total of 1,500 synchronised drones. Across that week, tourists and locals alike gathered at Marina Bay Waterfront to witness enchanting performances unfold against the night sky. 

That was not the only drone show that took place over the festive period. Moët Hennessy, a trailblazer in the luxury liquor sphere, held its very own across the city skyline as well. To find out more about their marketing efforts in general, Team GirlStyle spoke to Nausicaa Charrier, the Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Singapore and Malaysia.

Several elements in the drone display were strategically designed to reinforce Hennessy's brand presence. How do you think they contribute to shaping the audience's perception of Hennessy? 

Nausicaa Charrier: Beyond the tagline “Together we are unstoppable”, other elements were thoughtfully selected to reinforce Hennessy's brand identity as a symbol of unity, resilience, and innovation. They included traditional symbols like the dragon, which holds profound cultural significance during the Lunar New Year celebrations. The choreography of the drone formations and the overall visual narrative were meticulously curated to deliver a cohesive and impactful experience that aims to solidify the public’s perception of Hennessy as a forward-thinking and culturally relevant brand.

Photo from Moët Hennessy

How did Hennessy measure the success and impact of this drone display in terms of audience engagement and brand resonance?

Nausicaa Charrier: We employed a multi-faceted approach, tracking social media engagements, collecting audience feedback, and evaluating media coverage. In terms of social media engagement, we noticed a significant uptick in user interactions, shares, and mentions across various platforms. This indicated heightened audience interest and engagement with the campaign content. Friends of the brand also expressed their excitement by sharing about the futuristic drone show on social media, which helped to create a buzz among their followers.

Champagne brands like Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Dom Pérignon are often synonymous with the clubbing experience. Amidst changing consumer preferences and trends, how does Hennessy approach innovation in its offerings to stay at the forefront of the dynamic nightlife landscape?

Nausicaa Charrier: In response to evolving consumer preferences in the nightlife landscape, Hennessy adopts a dynamic approach, creating unique experiences such as exclusive VIP events and collaborations with renowned artists to elevate the brand's presence. 

Photo from Moët Hennessy

Speaking of collaborations, digital technology artist Yongliang combined contemporary techniques with traditional drawings to make metallic dragons come alive for the Paradis decanter. Is this indicative of Hennessy’s desire to embrace digital technology even for future marketing strategies and initiatives? 

Nausicaa Charrier: Hennessy's collaboration with Yang Yongliang showcases the convergence of art, technology, and tradition. Yang Yongliang’s distinctive approach to digital art, which fuses contemporary techniques with traditional Chinese aesthetics, perfectly aligns with Hennessy's dedication to embracing innovation and uniqueness. 

Photo from Moët Hennessy

How does Hennessy navigate the delicate balance between maintaining the exclusivity associated with luxury brands and ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience?

Nausicaa Charrier: To balance exclusivity and accessibility, we focus on crafting tailored experiences that cater to diverse audience segments. Hennessy holds exclusive tasting events, pairings, and masterclasses tailored for connoisseurs, to offer them a deeper understanding of our liquor range and heritage.

Photo from Moët Hennessy

More accessible activations include our partnerships with popular F&B venues and the pop-up at ION Orchard. The latter featured the limited-edition Hennessy Paradis, Hennessy X.O, and Hennessy V.S.O.P., which were part of the collaborative collection by Yang Yongliang. Such initiatives introduce Hennessy to a broader audience in a casual setting. By offering a spectrum of experiences tailored to diverse tastes and preferences, we ensure that everyone can engage meaningfully with the brand.

Photo from Moët Hennessy

Hennessy has traditionally carried a more masculine image. Can you elaborate on the brand’s intentions to redefine or challenge this stereotype? What are some strategies employed to broaden Hennessy's appeal, specifically among women?

Nausicaa Charrier: While traditionally associated with a more masculine image, Hennessy recognises the importance of broadening its appeal and challenging stereotypes. Strategies include highlighting craftsmanship, heritage, and product versatility through targeted marketing campaigns.

Photo from Moët Hennessy

Collaborations with influential women in the arts and entertainment industry, such as Alicia Keys and Sophia Chang, alongside new product offerings tailored to diverse consumer preferences, aim to appeal to a broader audience while staying true to brand values of quality, authenticity, and innovation.

Without giving too much away, can you offer us a glimpse into the exciting plans that Hennessy has in store for upcoming festivities?

Nausicaa Charrier: While specific details of future marketing strategies remain confidential, you can expect Hennessy to continue exploring innovative partnerships, immersive activations, and captivating storytelling that resonates deeply with our audience!

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