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This Sakura Festival Buffet Has Pink Hotpot, A Strawberry Chocolate Fountain & Free-Flow Salmon

This Sakura Festival Buffet Has Pink Hotpot, A Strawberry Chocolate Fountain & Free-Flow Salmon

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By Zoe Zeng on 20 Feb 2024

We may not get to enjoy the romantic sight of fresh cherry blossoms like those in Japan, but we sure can tuck into some amazing Sakura-inspired fare this season!


From 6th March until the end of May, Shaburi & Kintan Buffet will be taking its first-ever Sakura Festival to the next level with all sorts of pink-themed treats, including a pink hotpot and strawberry chocolate fountain.

Sakura Ebi & Bamboo Shoot Tempura, Spring Chirashi SushiPhoto from Shaburi & Kintan

On top of that, you can expect to find loads of hanami-inspired items on the menu, like Spring Chirashi Sushi, Bamboo & Sakura Ebi Salad, Sakura Ebi & Bamboo Shoot Tempura, Sakura Mochi & Yomogi Mochi, Matcha Pudding & Strawberry Pudding.

These are all made to capture the essence of spring using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Sound exciting? Read on to see some of the highlights of this uniquely pink feast!

Pink Hotpot

Shabu-shabu with Pink Soy Milk Soup and Iberico PorkPhoto from Shaburi & Kintan

Hotpot lovers, watch out because here comes a must-try soup base that's both yummy and Insta-worthy! This Pink Soy Milk Soup is a healthy-conscious Shaburi Singapore exclusive, that was created without the use of any food dyes or artificial colouring.


Diners can expect a nutty, umami-filled flavour to the broth. This pairs well with the free-flow meats and buffet counter dishes included in the Regular Shaburi course, including a variety of vegetables and mushrooms to meats and seafood.

Strawberry Chocolate Fountain

Limited Edition Pink Strawberry Chocolate FountainPhoto from Shaburi & Kintan

The star of the show is arguably this dazzling pink chocolate fountain — the first and only one of its kind in Singapore — containing strawberry-flavoured chocolate that tastes like the iconic pyramid-shaped Meiji chocolates.

You can find this impressive centrepiece at the dessert bar, where diners can pick out their favourite bites to enjoy with the velvety chocolate.

Free-Flow Salmon Buffet

Salmon SashimiPhoto from Shaburi & Kintan

If you've got a separate stomach for sushi and sashimi (particularly those of the salmon variety) here's your chance to feast on as many plates of these goodies as your heart desires!

Basil Cheese Aburi Sushi RollPhoto from Shaburi & Kintan

Back by popular demand, the ultra-popular Salmon Buffet course lets diners have unlimited portions of Salmon Sashimi, Basil Cheese Salmon Aburi Sushi Roll, Salmon Shabu, and Salmon Teppanyaki. This indulgent spread will have you completely spoilt for choice.

The Sakura Festival menu will be available at Shaburi & Kintan's JEM outlet in Jurong East, with prices starting from $39.80++ per person. You can check out the full menu here.

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet
Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #03-11/12 JEM, Singapore 608549
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily
Reservations | Facebook | Instagram

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