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The New Future World Is So Magical We Thought We Transported Into Another Universe!

The New Future World Is So Magical We Thought We Transported Into Another Universe!

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By elaine.kiew on 06 Sep 2018

If you're an avid Instagram user, you must have seen photos of your friends in a spacey, dreamlike place with sparkly lights. And yes, I'm referring to the Crystal Universe! *heart eyes*


@anniesbucketlistPhoto from @anniesbucketlist

If you didn't know, it's just one of the many awesome installations at FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science exhibition! And guess what? 10 new digital art installations were just added to this collection, bringing the total number of installations to 19.

Enter the gallery and you'll be greeted by a six-meter high interactive waterfall that would cascade down the wall.

Transcending Boundaries

Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries

If you've been to the Future World exhibition, you'd know that elements can interact and influence one another. Similarly, you can control the direction and amount of water with the slightest touch of your hand.

@justmesherillPhoto from @justmesherill


Besides the waterfall, you might have noticed the flowers too. Here, the flowers follow their natural life cycle and would gently bloom and wither with time. Butterflies would also flutter around the space and grow in number whenever more people enter the gallery.

Take note, though. You shouldn't 'touch' the butterflies. According to teamLab, this is because it serves as a reminder of the destructive side to humanity.

With their artwork, the Nature galleries is basically trying to tell visitors about the oneness of man and its environment and that there are no boundaries between us humans and nature.

What A Loving And Beautiful World

What a Loving, and Beautiful World (1)

This refreshing digital projection involves Chinese characters cascading from ceiling to floor and can be activated by touch or the viewer's shadow.

They have a character of their own, though. When activated, each character would transform into nature motifs based on the meaning behind it. The motifs include wind, rain, trees and mountain.

The artwork will also eventually transform with time to reflect an ever-changing landscape.


Impermanent Life: People Create Space and Time, at the Confluence of their Spacetime New Space and Time is Born (2018)

Impermanent Life People Create Space and Time, at the Confluence of their Spacetime New Space and Time is Born (2018)

Part of Sanctuary, the new fifth gallery in Future World, this installation marks the Southeast Asian debut of one of teamLab's latest artwork.

Here, cherry blossoms would bloom and scatter, imitating the cycle of life and death. They would also respond to human interactions and the state of its environment. Watch out for your feet here because the radiating circles around your feet can luminate or darken the entire space!

Sketch People & Animals

Sketch People & Animals

The kids would love it here because..... crayons. But we bet there are some of you out there who would still go gaga whenever you see them colours. So draw away~

Sketch Piston

Sketch Piston - Playing Music (2015)

Ever wondered what it's like to be a music composer? Here you can customise your own musical scales and create symphonies! As more people enter the space, a more vibrant and lively musical environment will come to life.

Who would you visit this exhibition with? :)

Future World: Where Art Meet Science Exhibition

ArtScience Museum
6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
10am to 7pm

Text by: Girlstyle SG