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This Must-Visit Dessert Cafe In Bangkok Has Japanese Daifuku Shaped Like Cute Animals

This Must-Visit Dessert Cafe In Bangkok Has Japanese Daifuku Shaped Like Cute Animals

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By Zoe Zeng on 24 Aug 2023

If you've been waiting for a sign to book a short getaway to Thailand, this is it. Tokyo Sweets is a Bangkok-based cafe that specialises in Japanese desserts — and they are especially popular for serving daifuku (small, round Japanese mochi stuffed with sweet filling) shaped like adorable animals!


Tokyo Sweets BangkokPhoto from Tokyo Sweets

These cute desserts and daifuku are so popular that there are currently over 20 Tokyo Sweets stores in Bangkok. The most iconic location to visit while you're there is Tokyo Sweets Cafe Samyan, where diners can enjoy their sweets in a stylish and comfortable space complete with large windows that face the street.

Tokyo Sweets Cafe SamyanPhoto from Tokyo Sweets

Visitors definitely have to try their signature Baby Seal Mochi (฿79, ~S$3), which comes in four flavours: Azuki Red Bean, Purple Sweet Potato, and Hokkaido Melon. You can distinguish the flavour of each daifuku's filling just by looking at its colour!

Seal MochiPhoto from Tokyo Sweets

Other animal-shaped daifuku offered here include the caramel-filled Prosperous Piggy Mochi (฿99, ~S$3.80) and Chicky Hazelnut (฿79, ~S$3), which has a hazelnut filling.

Prosperous Piggy Mochi and Chicky Hazelnut MochiPhoto from Tokyo Sweets


Chocolate lovers will want to pick the cocoa-dusted Dirty Bear Chocolate Mochi (฿99, ~S$3.80), while those who prefer a mild citrusy flavour can opt for the Yuzu Rabbit Mochi (฿79, ~S$3).

Dirty Bear Chocolate Mochi & Yuzu Rabbit MochiPhoto from Tokyo Sweets

There are also other delectable types of Japanese mochi and treats available at Tokyo Sweets, such as a wide variety of strawberry daifukus. These have an entire fresh strawberry coated in filling, and then wrapped in a layer of mochi. The Hokkaido Snow Mochiese (฿130, ~S$5) features fresh cream made with Hokkaido milk and is definitely worth a try.

Hokkaido Snow Mochiese & Matcha Strawberry DaifukuPhoto from Tokyo Sweets

Plus, Tokyo Sweets has gift boxes filled with their bestsellers, so you can bring home all the cuteness as souvenirs for your friends and family! Choose the Gift Box 5 pcs - Seals and Bear (฿415, ~S$16) and Daifuku Gift Box (from ฿420, ~S$16.20) for a mix of flavours — or opt to personalise a custom box of treats instead.

Gift Box 5 pcs - Seals and Bear & Daifuku Gift BoxPhoto from Tokyo Sweets

Tokyo Sweets Bangkok — Cafe Samyan (Chula 50)
Address: 180 ซ. จุฬาลงกรณ์ 50 Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (check out all the Tokyo Sweets store outlets here)
Opening hours: 8am - 7pm daily
Facebook | Instagram

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