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This Store In Kyoto Makes Ice Cream Cones That Look Like Real Flower Bouquets

This Store In Kyoto Makes Ice Cream Cones That Look Like Real Flower Bouquets

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By Zoe Zeng on 17 Jul 2023

For most Singaporeans, holidaying in Japan usually involves eating lots of street food and visiting cafes around the clock. Feasting on ice cream is one such priority for many of us, especially when it comes to the famed Japanese soft serve typically made from smooth and rich premium milk, yum!


While there are countless delicious ice cream spots all over Japan, one particular store in Kyoto makes the most creative and unbelievably beautiful cones. Located inside ShinPuhKan shopping complex, (THISIS)SHIZEN has ice cream shaped like flower bouquets that look too beautiful to eat.

(THISIS)SHIZEN Ice BouquetPhoto from @rii.saa.v_v.a via Instagram

These are known as their signature Ice Bouquets, which are made by piping soft-serve ice cream onto the cone by hand. The cafe creates new ice bouquets based on seasonal blooms, such as the Ajisai (¥1,350 or ~SG$12.90) pictured above, with each flavour only being available for a limited time.

(THISIS)SHIZEN Ice BouquetPhoto from ice_junkkie via Instagram

Their latest creation, the Blue Ajisai (¥1,350 or ~SG$12.90) is one of their most popular items on Instagram. Customers can also find mini cones for children and vegan options available at the cafe.


Besides serving up beautiful floral ice creams, (THISIS)SHIZEN doubles up as a store for potted plants. They also offer nature-related paintings and decorative items. Visitors can expect to find plenty of IG-worthy backdrops for their ice creams (AKA the endless plants and greenery) in the studio itself.

ShinPuhKan shopping complexPhoto from @shinpuhkan_official via Instagram

The cafe is located within walking distance of The Museum of Kyoto and Nijo Castle, making it the perfect place to rest your feet after shopping or visiting historical spots all day! Those who are feeling peckish can also pick up light bites like Inari (¥200 or ~SG$2) and Dango (¥250 or ~SG$2.40) to fill up their bellies.

Address: Japan, 〒604-8172 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Banocho, 586-2 新風館 1階
Opening hours: 10am - 7pm daily
Website | Instagram

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