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Coach Launches Sub-Brand, Coachtopia, In Singapore Along With Desserts & An Interactive Cloud Canvas

Coach Launches Sub-Brand, Coachtopia, In Singapore Along With Desserts & An Interactive Cloud Canvas

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By Karmen on 09 Aug 2023
Digital Editor
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What happens when timeless luxury meets Gen Z's maximalist aesthetic and planet-friendly values? Coach has the answer, and it's their new sister brand, Coachtopia. Making it debut at Coach Play Singapore Shophouse, the collection of leather goods, accessories and ready-to-wear are designed with Coachtopia's Made Circular, AKA low environmental impact, philosophy.


Launching along with it at the shophouse are the Coachtopia Cloud Canvas interactive screen and a new themed dessert menu.

Coachtopia at Coach Play Singapore Shophouse

The first floor's original pink room is now overtaken by soothing, cloud-like motifs, leading into the main retail space with walls covered in a fun upcrushed leather pattern. On display is a range of vibrant Coachtopia pieces that are all crafted to minimise the use of new materials. As they're made using repurposed waste, each item takes on a whimsical look with the classic Coach silhouette, and is limited to just a few pieces.

One of the new innovative materials is the aforementioned upcrushed leather, which is created by pressing together fragments of scrap leather. The unpredictable nature of this leather means that each product, like this stunning Mini Ergo Bag ($425), comes in unique colours and pattern.

Mini Ergo Bag With Crossbody Strap In Upcrushed Upcrafted LeatherPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Other products, like the Wavy Dinky ($750), are made of Coachtopia Leather. Not any ordinary leather, this material is crafted with at least 50% leather scraps that might otherwise have been sent to the landfills.

Every other component of the products is also designed with sustainability in mind. For example, the Wavy Dinky is stitched with 100% recycled polyester thread and labelled with 100% recycled nylon material, and comes with a resin strap made with 70% recycled plastic.


Coachtopia Wavy Dinky and Ergo bagsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another one we're enamoured by is the Loop Quilted Cloud Tote which doesn't just have cloud prints, it also feels like a cloud! Its shell and stuffing are made from 100% recycled PET plastic.

Coachtopia Loop Quilted Cloud TotePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Coachtopia will also showcase the talents of Gen Z artists and illustrators through limited edition collections. The current collaboration is with New York-based illustrator Sabrina Lau, who has given the bags, accessories and apparel a funky, street-style charm with her trippy art style.

And here's a fun fact: every product will have its own digital passport that can be accessed via NFC chip or QR code. This passport details the product design, materials and even its impact on the environment.

Coachtopia Floated Here To See You HoodiePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Coach has also launched its Coach (Re)Loved Exchange program at Coach Play Singapore Shophouse. This trade-in initiative allows customers to exchange their eligible pre-loved Coach bags for store credit.

Interactive "Clouds" Screen


Something kids will have fun with is the Coachtopia Cloud Canvas, an interactive screen located in a mirrored room on level 3.  The camera detects people in the room and a cloud version of them appears on the screen. As you move, the "cloud human" mirrors the same action. Designed as a group experience, the screen also generates a new layer of sound for each person.

Coachtopia Cloud CanvasPhoto from Coach

Coach Cafe

The Coach Cafe at level 1 will have a specially curated dessert menu for Coachtopia available from 6pm.

The Coachtopia Cake ($12) might be one of the prettiest cake I've ever seen. This dome-shaped confection has little "clouds" suspended in gelatine. It sits on top of mousse and an airy chiffon cake with a subtle sweetness of lychee. One of those simple yet satisfying desserts, this cake is the one to order if you're in the mood for something light.

The Coachtopia CakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Those craving something more indulgent can go for the Cloud Tart ($12). Fashioned in a shape of a cloud, the dark chocolate tart base is layered with hazelnut ganache and pipings of cream.

The Coachtopia Cake and Cloud Tart at Coach CafePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Other items on the Coachtopia dessert menu are the Cloud Latte ($8) and Cotton Candy ($8 for 2 cones).

Besides these cloud-inspired desserts, diners can also enjoy Coach Cafe's main menu. The selection includes New York diner-style grub like Avocado Toast ($17) and All-American Cheeseburger ($19).

Avocado Toast At Coach CafePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The Coach Play Singapore Shophouse is located at 5 Keong Saik Road.

Store Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Cafe Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday (Closed on Wednesdays)
Day menu: 9am – 3pm
Dessert Bar: 6pm – 9pm

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