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This Adorable Crayon Shin-Chan Table Doubles As A Tablet Holder, Get It Online In Singapore

This Adorable Crayon Shin-Chan Table Doubles As A Tablet Holder, Get It Online In Singapore

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By Karmen on 16 Jul 2023
Digital Editor
Has severe RBF but is fairly jolly and carefree on the inside. Degree of life satisfaction is heavily influenced by food.

Here's something you never knew you needed until it popped onto your screen - a Crayon Shin-chan table complete with his iconic exposed bum.


This cheeky character is easy to love (we're still reminiscing fondly of the pop-up Crayon Shin-chan-themed cafe in 2021) and naturally, he makes for an irresistible novelty product.

But unlike most novelty items, this table serves a practical purpose of keeping your everyday essentials organised. It comes with a life-sized Crayon Shin-chan figure made of vinyl. He's frozen in a ridiculous crouching position flashing his bottom. The table top is a removable tray that's supported by the figure.

Crayon Shin-Chan Bedside Table with a tray of snacksPhoto from 突突头不秃 via 小红书

Measuring 42cm long, this Crayon Shin-chan table is hilarious at every angle.

Crayon Shin-Chan Bedside TablePhoto from 突突头不秃 via 小红书

This table is likely not sturdy enough to hold heavy items, but should work perfectly for light objects.

Use it as a snack table for social gatherings, a bedside table to hold your phone and hand creams, or even as a stand for your tablet!

An iPad or Galaxy tab fits perfectly in the nook between Shin-chan's bum and head. You'll have those glorious cheeks framing the screen, plus two hands holding up decor pieces of your choice!

Crayon Shin-Chan Bedside Table holding a tabletPhoto from 昕昕潮玩手办 via

We found it on Shopee for $83.70 with free shipping. It's also available on Taobao for CNY 195 (~SGD 36.06) with shipping at about CNY 83 (~SGD 15.35).

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