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Which Makeup Look You Should Try Next, According to TikTok’s ‘Kinds Of Pretty’ Trend

Which Makeup Look You Should Try Next, According to TikTok’s ‘Kinds Of Pretty’ Trend

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By Zoe Zeng on 16 Jun 2023

One of the most exciting things about makeup is how personalised every look can be — sometimes tailoring a beauty trend to fit your individual style takes only a little understanding of facial structure. Lately, ‘Which Kind Of Pretty Are You’ clips have been making their rounds all over TikTok. For the uninitiated, this trend started when TikToker dilophasaurus created four filters, namely: Deer Pretty, Cat Pretty, Fox Pretty and Bunny Pretty.


Each of these filters transforms the user’s face with effects inspired by the corresponding animal’s features. TikTok users typically try on all four in their own videos, then decide which ‘kind of pretty’ they are via the filter that looks best on them.

@dilophasaurus Cat pretty, deer pretty, fox pretty, bunny pretty???? #newfilter #filters ♬ Did you see the way he looked at me - Hannah

The trend quickly started a new pattern of classifying faces using animal-themed traits. Those who are Deer Pretty usually have prominent doe eyes and a smaller face; Cat Pretty generally consists of siren-like eyes and sharp features paired with a rounder face; Fox Pretty also means siren-like eyes and sharp facial features, but with a smaller face; while those who are Bunny Pretty have round eyes, button noses and a rounder face shape.

As definitions surrounding each type are rather loose, TikTok users tend to post their videos with captions asking viewers which 'type of pretty' they fall under. More variations of these animal filters have since been created, including ‘Dog Pretty’, ‘Raccoon Pretty’ and ‘Dolphin Pretty’. There is also a male version of the trend, bringing the hilariously named ‘Eagle Handsome’, ‘Bear Handsome’, ‘Dog Handsome’ and ‘Reptilian Handsome’ into the mix.


While these filters provide great fun, they also come in surprisingly handy when determining the type of makeup each face is suitable for. This means that you’d be able to make a decently accurate guess on whether a makeup look would suit your features, all without having to test any product on your face!

Check out which makeup look we think would suit your ‘animal pretty’ features below.

Caramel Blush

Taeyeon wearing the caramel blush look

@taeyeon_ss via Instagram

A spinoff of the earlier caramel lip trend, caramel blush focuses on bringing a more natural and healthy glow to the face. It's a good choice for those who are Deer Pretty and have a smaller and sharper face shape, since the deeper shade of caramel blush also doubles up as contour.


Futuristic Eyeshadow

Halsey wearing the futuristic eyeshadow look


@iamhalsey via Instagram

The sharp and unblended style of futuristic eyeshadow can seem intimidating for daily wear, but is a great option for a statement look. It's very flattering on those who have more angular features, like the Fox Pretty crowd.


Reverse Eyeliner

Priyanka Chopra

@sarahtannomakeup via Instagram

Those who fall under the Cat Pretty category can accentuate their sharper-looking eyes with some reverse eyeliner — it is exactly what it sounds like — by applying eyeliner to the lower lash line instead of the upper one. This helps to widen and brighten the eyes, especially when vibrant shades like blue and pink are used.


Velvet Skin

Hyein wearing the velvet skin look

@hyein_newjeanz via Instagram

The K-beauty glass skin look is a notoriously difficult one to nail in humid weather, since you can never be certain if your face is dewy or just... oily. Thankfully, a soft and powdery matte foundation is now the preferred finish courtesy of Korean girl group New Jeans, who have brought back the minimal, no-makeup makeup craze. This look is perfect for the rounder, youthful features of those who are Bunny Pretty.


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