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These Are The 5 Beauty Trends Taking Over In 2023, According To A Makeup Artist

These Are The 5 Beauty Trends Taking Over In 2023, According To A Makeup Artist

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By Shairah on 14 Mar 2023
Project Editor

In the world of beauty, change is the only constant. Makeup, in particular, is ever-evolving. What's in today may be passé tomorrow.


As we're a couple of months into 2023, it begs the question: what's in store for us this year makeup-wise?

We got the help of makeup artist Ying (@yyingcui) to break it down for us. With ten years of experience in the industry working with the biggest names in beauty, fashion, and entertainment, Ying is our go-to gal for the inside scoop on all things makeup-related.

Hear from Ying herself as she shares the five makeup trends in 2023 that you'll want to recreate for the rest of the year.

1. "Ugly" makeup

"People are getting tired of seeing pretty and overly-curated images with tons of overdone photoshop. The Gen Zs especially love super in-the-moment shots like 0.5x and apps like BeReal. So it’s no surprise that the "ugly" monster type of makeup has started to take hold in the beauty community, where people delve into the art of exploring beautiful imperfections."

How to get the look: "Imitate organic natural textures and don’t be afraid to use strong colours in your makeup."


2. Y2K vibes

"Lots of influencers on TikTok are hopping on the Y2k trend, which consists of iridescent skin, small pearls and jewels around the eyes, and freehand eyeliner. The good thing about this look is that you can keep it simple and still pull off something major."

How to get the look: "Focus on your peepers by lining the eyes and sticking gems (with some eyelash glue) around the outer and inner corners. I myself keep an entire arsenal of tiny jewels and knick knacks at my disposal because so many clients, celebrities, and influencers request this type of look."

3. Elevated au-naturale


"Flushed cheeks have never really gone out of style. Think sunkissed cheeks with a smattering of faux freckles, fluffy brows, paired with a strong hint of dewy skin and a clean lip."

Tip: "Match your blush to lip colour to avoid looking sunburnt."

4. Fairy lashes

"Throw away those thick, dramatic false eyelashes! 2023 is all about the softest and natural lash with varying lengths and directions within the strip of lash. This elongates and opens the eyes without looking thick or heavy at all.

Tip: "It's easy to find them anywhere – go crazy exploring lashes on Shopee."

5. The gothic, autumnal bride

"Now that masks are no longer mandatory at weddings, more brides are opting for a bolder makeup look – think gothic and autumnal with shades of coral or milk tea. Deep red or glossy lips have also returned, along with messy, undone hair and dried, preserved blooms for that effortless vibe."

How to get the look: "Chanel's Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue offers a glossy finish with long-lasting pigment and glossy finish. For a more satin finish, the Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color range is the way to go."

Follow Ying on Instagram here. Ying is also a judge for the GirlStyle 2023 Beauty Awards, where we celebrate the best in beauty with over 100 award-winning skincare and makeup products every beauty lover should know about. 

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