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Review: Chic Beauty Salon At Clarke Quay Has Massage Chairs, Huge 85” TV, Neon Photo Spots & Garden Views

Review: Chic Beauty Salon At Clarke Quay Has Massage Chairs, Huge 85” TV, Neon Photo Spots & Garden Views

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By Rachel Yohannan on 01 Jun 2023
Senior Digital Editor
Crazy cat lady who loves afternoon tea, kawaii Japanese fashion, and all things Sanrio.

Choosing a go-to beauty salon in Singapore is a game of trial and error; We often just pick something based on the price list and/or location and hope for the best, and repeat the process until we find “the one”. Between home-based neighbourhood salons that may or may not be legit, and large chain outlets in malls that might subject you to hard-selling of pricey packages, the choice paralysis is real - especially if you’re someone like me with trust issues.


Through the introduction of a friend, I eventually got to know of Diown Beauty - an all-in-one beauty salon in Singapore’s Clarke Quay area. Aside from being a one-stop place for manicures, brows and lashes, along with facials all at reasonable prices, it’s also super cushy with massage chairs, a massive 85-inch television, neon photo spots and more. Read on for our review, as well as info on a first-timer’s promo with special discounted prices!

Note: This article is not a paid ad, and was written based on my personal experience with Diown Beauty. All opinions expressed are my own.

Diown Beauty Singapore reviewPhoto from Diown Beauty

Diown Beauty isn’t one of those beauty salons that you’d randomly walk past in a mall, as it’s tucked within an obscure black-and-brown industrial building called Chan Brothers @68. This less-commercial location is no indication of their popularity though, for they’ve amassed a steady pool of loyal returning customers since 2016 - partly due to great word-of-mouth traction - and currently occupy an entire floor of the premises.

This non-mall location is also very accessible, being an easy 2-minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT - perfect for all the career girlies who wish to squeeze in an appointment during lunch or after work.

Diown Beauty Singapore review - massage chairs & 85" TVPhoto from Diown Beauty

I’ve been to enough beauty salons to know that most establishments are pretty cramped, with their manicure chairs all lined up in a row. I expected the same of Diown Beauty, but was blown away upon discovering just how spacious their outlet was. After walking past the main reception area and a vanity area, I reached the manicure zone, where just four chairs were arranged in a 2 x 2 formation.


These aren’t regular armchairs, mind you - they’re massage chairs, so you can enjoy the full princess treatment as you get your digits done. Unlike other salons that put profits before customer experience, Diown Beauty goes the extra mile to ensure each person’s privacy and comfort with a 1-metre spacing between seats.

Right in front is a massive 85-inch flatscreen TV, where customers are free to pick their favourite Netflix shows to occupy themselves with, and completing the luxe vibe is a modern chandelier-like feature light with leaf details.

Diown Beauty Singapore reviewPhoto from Diown Beauty

Another feature we love are the neon light wall fixtures bearing sassy quotes such as: “My tastes are simple, I’m easily satisfied with the best” and “Know your worth, then add tax”. These also serve as great backdrops for showing off your fancy new nail art!

Diown Beauty Singapore review - manicuresPhoto from Diown Beauty

My first time visiting Diown Beauty was for my bridal manicure, where I got a sparkly set of nails full of glitter and bling. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted, but the manicurist on duty was  able to take my preferences into account while putting her own spin on things. As she was English-speaking, it was easy to communicate my ideas to her too - can’t exactly say the same for my previous manicure experiences elsewhere, which involved quite some level of miscomm.

Diown Beauty Singapore review - manicuresPhoto from Diown Beauty

As Diown Beauty’s manicurists are all super skilled and versatile, there is no one fixed style that they specialise in. Anything goes, from elegant watercolour patterns to dainty Japanese-style designs and trending Y2K-inspired quirkiness.


Diown Beauty Singapore review - manicuresPhoto from Diown Beauty

Before this, I never patronised the same salon more than once for my nail appointments, but ended up returning to Diown Beauty again for my next two sessions - and there will certainly be more to come.

Other than the pleasant in-salon experience, I was also heartily impressed by how long the gelish stayed on my nails. Not sure what sort of magic was at play, but all my manicures from Diown Beauty were significantly hardier than any of the others I’ve gotten prior. Despite not being the daintiest person around, I actually went for up to two months without any chips or breakage, and even after that, the damage was minimal. Impressed!

Diown Beauty Singapore review - treatment room with garden viewPhoto from Diown Beauty

Manicures and pedicures aside, Diown Beauty also offers other beauty services such as lash extensions, eyebrow embroidery, and facials. These are carried out in private treatment rooms that come with a calming garden view if you choose to have the curtains drawn open.

Diown Beauty Singapore review - lash extensionsPhoto from Diown Beauty

I’ve not personally tried these other services myself, but their new UV lashing technique seems pretty cool! Instead of traditional lash glue, a special soft blue light is used to cure the extensions onto your natural lashes within just six to 12 seconds - and don’t worry, there’s no harmful UVA/UVB involved, so skin damage won’t be an issue. In fact, this method is recommended for those with sensitive eyes too!

UV lashing allows eyelash extensions to last 20-30% longer than usual, which minimises the need for frequent touch-ups, thus allowing you to save both time and money.

Diown Beauty Singapore reviewPhoto from Diown Beauty

Once you’re done with your beauty treatment, you can touch up your makeup at the illuminated vanity area, and easily move from salon to soiree as you meet your friends looking all glam.

Diown Beauty’s first trial price list

Diown Beauty Singapore first trial price listPhoto from Diown Beauty

If all our praises for Diown Beauty still aren’t enough to convince you, perhaps their first trial promotions will. First-timers will get to enjoy discounted rates, with lash extensions starting from $78, a classic mani & pedi combo at $88, and different types of facials at $88 each.

Address: 68 South Bridge Road, Level 6, Singapore 058698
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10.30am - 10pm | Saturday: 10.30am - 7pm (Closed on Sunday)
Telephone: 8608 8447
Facebook | Instagram

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