Stress Made My Hair Fall Out, And Here's The $45 Hair Loss Treatment That Fixed It

Stress Made My Hair Fall Out, And Here's The $45 Hair Loss Treatment That Fixed It

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By Karmen on 14 Jun 2023
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Beauty might be skin deep, but let's face it, having a good hair day can have such a dramatic effect on our mood and self esteem. I experienced it first hand, getting a major confidence boost when my hair went from thin and flat to a fuller and more voluminous mane after Topp Care's scalp treatment.

Alas, this wasn't a happy ever after. While my hair condition was relatively stable for the next two years, recent bouts of overwhelming stress at work took a toll on my skin and more noticeably, my scalp. My hair started thinning again and even a new set of bangs couldn't hide my receding hairline.

It was back to Topp Care to fix my hair loss woes once again!

For the uninitiated, Topp Care Hair Solutions is a hair specialist centre that is certified by the US Trichology Institute and a Member of British Herbal Medicine Association. Using natural botanical ingredients, their treatments solve a variety of hair issues including hair loss, greying and thinning.

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After filling out a form to provide the latest updates on my lifestyle and habits, I settled into a chair in the consultation room while the beautician ran a scanner through my scalp. It revealed that my hair follicles were clogged with oil and each follicle only had one or two strands of hair instead of the standard three to four strands - a clear sign of hair loss!

The 90-minute Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Renewal Treatment was recommended based on my scalp scan results.

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It started with a refreshing Detox Spray, followed by Detoxdren Masque on the scalp to deep cleanse.

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The clay mask had a light cooling sensation and I loved that it felt soothing and gentle, and nothing like the typical strong, minty formula. It was left to absorb for 20 minutes so it could draw out all the impurities and excess oils while nourishing the scalp with minerals.

Detoxdren MasquePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next was a relaxing double shampoo where the hair & scalp specialist expertly massaged the scalp while cleansing, and then applied a moisturising conditioner to my hair lengths.

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After that, the hair & scalp specialist applied moisturising spray generously on my hair and then blow-dried it with finesse, adding volume to the roots and Korean-style C-curls to the ends.

Finally, she applied the pièce de résistance of this treatment, the Botanical Lotion, on my scalp and gave it a good massage so it could really absorb into the follicles. This rejuvenating lotion is packed with scalp-loving ingredients such as Panax Ginseng Root and Thuja Orientalis extract to protect the scalp and prevent hair loss.

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The treatment ended with my favourite part - Hair Growth Laser. In my previous visit, it was a large contraption with large bulbs, but this time, it was a sleek helmet-like device that fit comfortably on my head. It emits low-level lasers to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, boost the absorption of nutrients from the lotion, and regenerate the scalp cells.

Hair Growth Laser at Topp Care Hair SolutionsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Hair Growth Laser at Topp Care Hair SolutionsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The comforting warmth from the lasers almost lulled me to sleep during my last visit, and it was just as therapeutic and relaxing this time with the helmet design.

My scalp felt instantly lighter and refreshed, and my hair was also less frizzy and limp.

The scan results showed that my previously clogged hair follicles were now clear of oil seeds, leaving the hair bulbs to grow healthily. This meant that my hair loss would be kept in check and I'd be expecting stronger hair growth!

Before and after scalp scansPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss isn't just an 'old man' issue. Even women in their 20s and 30s can experience premature hair loss, whether it be due to stress like in my case, or genetics, lifestyle, hormonal changes and harsh haircare products. If you've noticed that your crowning glory isn't what it used to be, Topp Care Hair Solutions is your best bet to give your scalp and hair a health reset.

You can now try it at a special price of just $45 (U.P. $309), which includes the customised scalp treatment, scalp analysis and Infra-Red therapy. Sign up here.

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