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Taobao Maker Festival 2023: Uncover Modern Hanfus & Unique Accessories from Emerging Chinese Brands

Taobao Maker Festival 2023: Uncover Modern Hanfus & Unique Accessories from Emerging Chinese Brands

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By Shairah on 09 May 2023
Project Editor

If there is a one-stop online shopping haven that Singaporeans know, love, and swear by, it’s Taobao. It is the place to find just about anything – from fresh-off-the-runway fashion to affordable gadgets and arts & crafts – and it’s no exaggeration to say that we have a treasure trove of items right at our fingertips.


The Taobao Maker Festival is an annual celebration of innovation featuring a selection of the platform’s most creative merchants, and the 2023 edition certainly did not disappoint. Recently held from April 29 to May 1, this year’s festival was the largest ever in Taobao’s history to mark the brand’s landmark 20-year milestone. 

Taobao Maker Festival 2023 in Chongqing, China.Photo from Alibaba Group

Bustling fairs and exhibitions were held across 10 cities in China to this year’s theme, Uncovering Infinite Lifestyle Possibilities on Taobao. For the first time ever, event attendees had free access to experience and discover Taobao’s most innovative merchants across fashion, technology, wellness, home furnishings, and loads more. 

Naturally, Taobao is a leader in bringing the online experience seamlessly to its users. Apart from in-person events, online customers could also connect with sellers in real time via Taobao's in-built livestream commerce channel, Taobao Live.

The merchants featured in this year’s Taobao Maker Festival reflect the rapidly evolving shopping preferences of Taobao customers – be it the rise of niche interests such as calligraphy and Chinese history or animal owners spending more on their beloved pets.

Key Taobao makers to look out for

With millions of young and up-and-coming merchants offering novel products on Taobao, the choices are endless. From pet-friendly skateboards to modern hanfus and cold brew calligraphy ink, here are three Taobao merchants worth checking out!


Torist PetPhoto from Alibaba Group

Pet skateboards by Torist Pet 

The global pet industry is set to grow from $320 billion to almost $500 billion by 2030 – that’s a lot of pet lovers who love to spoil their four-legged friends! If you happen to be one of them, you’ll love Torist Pet. Founded by the owner of an adorable French bulldog, this brand offers a range of critter-friendly fashion apparel, toys, and gadgets such as trendy raincoats, pizza-shaped chew toys, and rechargeable luminous collars.

Our top pick is Torist Pet’s high-quality skateboards for your adventurous pup. With a variety of eye-catching designs and standout colours, rest assured that your skateboarding pooch will be turning heads at your next trip to the dog park. Prices start from RMB89 to 309 (approximately S$17 to S$60) and the skateboards are available in three sizes.

Modern hanfus by ZhizaosiPhoto from Zhizaosi

Modern hanfus by Zhizaosi

Who says you can’t wear the traditional Chinese garment in this day and age? Zhizaosi is a three year-old brand that brings traditional culture and modern technology together with its line of contemporary hanfus. These elegant designs will allow you to live out your wildest Chinese period drama fantasies for special occasions such as weddings and engagement photoshoots. They’re even comfortable enough for everyday wear – yes, even when you’re enjoying a delicious hotpot meal. The best part is that Zhizaosi’s hanfus are varied, with designs ranging from a pretty pastel pink organza piece to an elaborate pleated skirt featuring intricate swan motifs.

Eco-friendly Cold Brew Ink from Starry InkPhoto from Starry Ink

Starry Ink’s Eco-friendly Cold Brew Ink

You’ve heard of cold brew coffee but cold brew calligraphy ink? That is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Taobao merchant Harvey Yu. The founder of Starry Ink combined his childhood love for fountain pen ink with his expertise in chemistry to launch a line of inks. In addition to its environmentally-friendly cold brew series, Starry Ink also offers over 1,000 colour-changing and multicolour inks, each with a unique story behind them. With iridescent inks in stunning shades like ‘Lunar Halo’ and handcrafted crystal calligraphy pens, Starry Ink will definitely bring back the lost art of the written word. 

As the Taobao Maker Festival continues to get bigger and better every year, shoppers can certainly look forward to discovering the latest and most innovative products on the market from emerging Chinese brands.

Discover these merchants and loads more by shopping on Taobao!

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