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Feathered Brow Trend: 6 Easy, Beginner-Friendly Steps For Creating This Natural Look

Feathered Brow Trend: 6 Easy, Beginner-Friendly Steps For Creating This Natural Look

By Tahlia L. on 09 Mar 2023
Digital Editor

Thin, sharp eyebrows used to be an obsession in the past, but right now, embracing one’s natural beauty in - with feathered brows being one of the latest eyebrow trends around. They’re super easy to recreate too, such that even makeup noobs will be able to achieve them in just a few simple steps. Here are 6 easy tips for soft, feathered eyebrows.


Step 1: Start by grooming your brows

Before you begin shaping and filling in your brows, make sure they're clean and well-groomed. Use a spoolie brush to comb your brow hairs upward, trim any unruly hairs with a pair of brow scissors, and remove any stray strands. This will create a neat and tidy base for shaping.

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Step 2: Determine your brow shape

Use a brow pencil to mark the starting point, arch, and end point of your brow. This will help you to create a symmetrical shape that complements your face.

Step 3: Use a brow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas

Use a light hand and small, feathery strokes to mimic the look of natural brow hairs. Avoid drawing harsh lines or creating a blocky shape, because the goal is to create a subtle and natural arch.


Step 4: Blend and soften

Use a spoolie brush or clean mascara wand to blend the product through your brows. This will help to create a soft, feathered look. 

Step 5: Set your brows in place

Use a clear or tinted brow gel to set your brows in place and keep them looking neat throughout the day. Apply the product  in an upward and outward motion, then let it dry.

Step 6: Highlight your brow bone

Create a lifted and more “awake-looking” effect by using a light-colored highlighter to enhance your brow bone. Apply a small amount of shimmer just below the arch of your brow bone, and blend it out.

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