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hince: New K-Beauty Brand In SG With Water Lip Tints, Blush Balm, Everyday Eye Palettes & Coloured Mascara

hince: New K-Beauty Brand In SG With Water Lip Tints, Blush Balm, Everyday Eye Palettes & Coloured Mascara

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By Rachel Yohannan on 12 Jan 2023
Senior Digital Editor
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We know all the good ol’ faves: Laneige, 3CE, Clio, and the like - these popular Korean beauty brands and their makeup picks continue to be ever-trusty. But if you’re a K-beauty fanatic on the hunt for something fresh, check out hince, a relatively young but booming Korean makeup brand. Also well-loved in Japan, they’ve recently made themselves newly available in Singapore via an official channel.


hince Mood Enhancer Water Liquid Glow SingaporePhoto from hince

Hince first launched in South Korea in early 2019, and they call themselves a “Mood-Narrative” makeup brand; That is, their products are meant to enhance one’s features to bring out their natural beauty instead of “correcting” them. This is achieved through sheer, buildable formulas in a diverse range of shades that can be layered to achieve different effects.

What first caught our eye were hince’s Mood Enhancer lipsticks, all of which come in easy-to-wear shades and have received positive reviews . Even the bolder colours have a sort of muted quality to them, which makes them versatile and non-garish.

hince Mood Enhancer Sheer SingaporePhoto from hince

If you love Korean water lip tints, go straight for the Mood Enhancer Water Liquid Glow ($31.21) - a light and non-sticky formula that’ll give your lips a dewy swash of colour. The more layers you apply, the more lustre you’ll get - one that’s said to not fade over time. There’s also the Mood Enhancer Sheer ($29.16), essentially a creamy tinted balm.

hince Mood Enhancer Matte SingaporePhoto from hince

For something more saturated, try the Mood Enhancer Matte ($31.21), a buttery bullet lipstick, or the Mood Enhancer Liquid Matte ($31.21) which gives a soft blurred finish.


hince New Depth Eyeshadow Palette SingaporePhoto from hince

Lippies aside, enhance your peepers with the New Depth Eyeshadow Palette ($63.72) which comes in 6 variants, each with 10 shades for you to have fun mixing and matching. With a good range of staple hues for everyday looks, along with accent colours like turquoise and purple for fun nights out, you’ve got all you need for a multitude of occasions.

hince New Ambience Color Mascara & Eyeliner SingaporePhoto from hince

Those who are up for experimenting can play around with hince’s unique coloured mascara and eyeliners for a funky new look. The New Ambience Color Mascara ($34.56) and New Ambience Color Eyeliner ($31.32) come in 7 and 6 shades respectively, including purple, teal, and blue, but of course, if you’d prefer to play it safe, there’s always the classic black and brown.

Other eye makeup products by the brand include brow-shaping gels, brow pencils, and single-pot eyeshadows.

hince True Dimension Radiance Balm SingaporePhoto from hince

For a literal glow up, sweep on some of the True Dimension Glow Cheek ($37.80), a shimmery powder blush with a melty clay-like texture. For added hydration and a dewy effect, go for the True Dimension Radiance Balm ($47.52), a multi-purpose blush balm stick that can also be used on the eyes or as highlighter. 

Hate being weighed down by heavy formulas? The breathable Second Skin Foundation ($60.48) might be the game-changer you need, as it covers blemishes while remaining airy in texture. Plus, it comes in a cute artsy-looking bottle that’ll look great on your vanity table!

Take note though: Despite this liquid foundation coming in a handful of shades, they’re all on the fairer side, so those with tanned skin might not be able to use it - as is the case with most Korean foundations.

hince Second Skin Foundation SingaporePhoto from hince

Other face cosmetics from hince include a Hydrating Primer ($43.20) and Tone Up Base ($45.36).

hince cosmetics can now be purchased in Singapore via the official hince store on Shopee Mall, with direct shipping from Korea.

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