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The Secret To A Slimmer & More Lifted Face? This Non-Invasive Facial – Just In Time For CNY!

The Secret To A Slimmer & More Lifted Face? This Non-Invasive Facial – Just In Time For CNY!

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By Shairah on 05 Jan 2023
Project Editor

In the world of beauty, there’s perhaps no category more sought-after than anti-ageing. We are all seeking the Fountain of Youth – anything that’ll help us look younger, fresher, and more radiant. 


It's never too early to take preventative action, especially when it comes in the form of facial treatments. For that, you can turn to the beauty experts at Victoria Facelift

Since 2015, Victoria Facelift has offered a range of firming, lifting, and hydrating treatments with cutting-edge technology. The Power-Lift Facial Treatment is one of their signature facials: it is a non-invasive facial treatment that addresses a range of skin ageing issues, be it fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles or sagging skin.

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, the Power-Lift Facial Treatment is suitable for all ages. Take for example GirlStyle Editor, Sophie. Now in her early 30s, she does not yet have wrinkles or sagging skin. But having recently given birth, she has started to notice dark circles and fine lines due to lack of sleep, as well as postpartum puffiness around her cheeks and jawline.

Read on for Sophie’s experience of the Power-Lift Facial Treatment and how it gave her a slimmer and lifted visage in just one session!

What makes the Power-Lift Treatment so special?

In just 90 minutes, this non-invasive treatment is said to improve skin's appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and intense lifting, firming and V-lift.

How? It’s all thanks to one of its key ingredients. Formulated in the UK, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is a powerful antioxidant that encourages skin repair. It works with other active ingredients such as hydrolysed collagen and Hibiscus Abelmoschus seed extract to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production. As a result, wrinkles are smoothen out and skin is firmed up for a natural-looking V-shape.


A session at Victoria Facelift starts with a one-on-one consultation to assess each customer’s skin condition and needs.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Sophie’s Power-Lift experience

Every treatment at Victoria Facelift begins with a one-on-one consultation to assess each customer’s skin condition and needs. For Sophie, besides dark eye circles and postpartum puffiness, the therapist also noticed some facial asymmetry – the right side of her face sagged more, possibly due to her sleeping habits.

Sophie’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment comprised customised steps to suit her skin’s condition – including an exfoliating mask and a soothing mask.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Thus began Sophie’s Power-Lift Facial Treatment with a range of products customised specifically for her skin’s needs. After double cleansing, an exfoliating mask containing papain was applied to help brighten and prep her skin for the following steps. During that time, she was treated to a relaxing face and neck massage to relieve any tension and improve blood circulation.

Next was a soothing mask, which contained aloe vera, green tea and hydrolysed collagen. The mask was peeled off after 15 minutes and Sophie’s skin already looked brighter, plumper, and more taut. To further boost the lifting effects, a collagen cream was also massaged onto her face.

The Power-Lift machine emits gentle electromagnetic heat waves to activate collagen regeneration and skin cell renewal. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

A cool gel was then applied to prepare Sophie’s skin for the key step of the Power-Lift Facial Treatment: the Power-Lift machine. Emitting electromagnetic heat waves, the Power-Lift penetrates deeper layers of the skin to activate the regeneration of collagen and help the renewal of damaged skin cells. The probe was massaged onto Sophie’s cheeks, neck and jaw area in gentle, rhythmic motions. Noting Sophie’s facial asymmetry, the therapist used the probe on the right side of Sophie’s face a few minutes longer to lift the cheek muscles and rectify any imbalance.

Finally, the treatment concluded with the application of a lifting facial mist and hydrating moisturiser.


After just one session, Sophie’s visage was visibly lifted, slimmer and more symmetrical.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The results after her Power-Lift Treatment

Post-treatment, Sophie’s skin looked visibly fresher, more radiant, and rejuvenated. More importantly, her cheekbones were more pronounced and her right profile lifted and slimmer for an overall symmetrical appearance. 

With such visible results after only one session, you’ll see more long-lasting benefits with regular sessions of the Power-Lift Treatment. According to Victoria Facelift’s skin specialist, Ms Rachel Mak, customers can expect a 20% improvement¹ in the skin and face shape after the first treatment, and a 30% to 40% improvement¹ by the second and third treatments.

Stand to win a limited edition mahjong set by simply booking an appointment to experience Victoria Facelift’s Power-Lift Treatment. Photo from Victoria Facelift

Win a limited edition mahjong set!

Just in time for Chinese New Year, Victoria Facelift is giving away a limited edition mahjong set to 10 lucky winners. For a chance to win this exclusive item, simply sign up and book an appointment here to experience the Power-Lift Treatment for yourself².

¹Individual result may vary
²Terms and conditions apply.

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