I Went For A Refreshing “Snowflake” Facial That Gave Me Smooth Glowing Skin Immediately After

I Went For A Refreshing “Snowflake” Facial That Gave Me Smooth Glowing Skin Immediately After

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By Sophie Hong on 28 Oct 2022
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Who doesn’t want smooth and glowing skin? Unfortunately, a complexion like that is not easily achievable, especially if you’re battling acne or have sensitive skin

Not all hope is lost though. I recently got the chance to try the Hydra-Snowflake Treatment from Nap & Glow, and let’s just say that I walked into the beauty salon with congested and tired-looking skin, only to walk out with amazing glass skin 90 minutes later. The difference was so drastic that I couldn’t help but wonder what sorcery was used! 

Before we divulge the secret, here’s a little bit of background on Nap & Glow. Its owner, Samantha, used to suffer from eczema and acne. In an attempt to fix her skin, she tried the gamut of skincare products, only to realise that most of them aren’t compatible with volatile and sensitive skin. 

She eventually got her skin under control with oral medication, but didn’t want to rely on them and was disappointed to find that the acne returned with a vengeance after weaning off her meds. 

Nap & Glow is founded by Samantha, who used her experience in dealing with eczema and acne issues to help others with troubled and sensitive skin.Photo from Nap & Glow

So what’s a girl got to do? In Samantha’s case, she decided to start her own beauty salon carrying its own range of skincare that is specially formulated for people who are battling acne and sensitive skin issues - a struggle that she understands all too well. As a testament to how effective the products are, Nap & Glow only uses its own range of skincare products in its treatments! 

From treating pitted acne scars to restoring radiance, Nap & Glow’s facial treatments are extremely effective yet soothing and don’t require any downtime even with a thorough extraction involved. Here are two of their signature treatments that you need to know about. 

Hydra-Snowflake Treatment

Nap & Glow’s Hydra-Snowflake Treatment gave me clear, glowing skin.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

I’m currently going through a hormonal shift that is causing my skin to be a little lackluster and congested, so Samantha recommended that I try the Hydra-Snowflake Treatment. Using products from Nap & Glow’s Snowflake skincare range, this icy cool facial mainly focuses on cleansing and hydration to restore a natural, healthy glow. 

The treatment first starts with a thorough hydra-dermabrasion cleansing and gentle peel that is suitable even for those with sensitive skin. I was told to expect some tingling but to be honest, the only thing I felt from the peel was just a mild cooling sensation. 

Next, came the extraction. My Nap & Glow therapist was very thorough and made sure to get every bit of gunk out from my pores, including tricky areas such as my chin and the sides of my nose. 

Nap & Glow Hydra-Snowflake Treatment review: No redness or irritation at all even after an extraction.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

This was quickly followed by a cooling facial massage and soothing mist, which helped to calm my skin down and relieve some of the post-extraction sensitivity. To my surprise, my skin didn’t look red or angry at all, despite the thorough extraction process! 

Finally, I was treated to a cooling gel mask, cryotherapy, and then a Snowflake sheet mask for maximum hydration. I really enjoyed the icy cold sensation from these masks and felt that they really perked my skin up post-facial. 

Nap & Glow Hydra-Snowflake Treatment review.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Even though the Hydra-Snowflake Treatment is a pretty basic facial, I could see the difference immediately after. With the layer of dead skin cells on my face effectively sloughed off, my skin naturally looked brighter and more radiant. Plus, the multiple layers of hydrating products gave my skin a poreless, glass-like appearance, which was quite a drastic improvement! I went about the rest of my day without any makeup on, but even then my colleague noticed and couldn’t help marveling at how good my skin looked. 

The Hydra-Snowflake Treatment is suitable for all skin types, so if you’ve never tried a facial at Nap & Glow before, this is the one to get you started on your clear skin journey! 

Try the Hydra-Snowflake Treatment at a first trial price of $138 (U.P. $188). Book your appointment here

SOS Treatment

Nap & Glow SOS Treatment: Before and after.Photo from Nap & Glow

Currently dealing with a bad breakout? Or has your battle with acne left you with pitted scars and pigmentation? Then you have to try Nap & Glows signature SOS Treatment. 

A favourite amongst those who are prone to acne, the SOS Treatment is specially designed to deal with angry or irritated skin. Firstly, the therapist will only extract what is necessary, so as not to further aggravate your skin. There’s also the SOS Magic Ampoule, which helps with reducing redness and inflammation. The main aim of this gentle treatment is to calm angry skin down, so there’s a lot of focus on soothing and hydration. 

Nap & Glow SOS Treatment: Before and after.Photo from Nap & Glow

The facial ends with Nap & Glow’s Snowflake mask for a brighter and more radiant appearance that is noticeable immediately after the facial. For the best results, it is recommended that you follow up with Nap & Glow’s Snowflake skincare at home. By adhering to this regime, you can reduce the frequency of your treatments and see faster results!  

Try the SOS Treatment at a first trial price of $188 (U.P. $258). Book your appointment here

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