AFT Hair Removal: Suitable For Light To Medium Skin Tones & Removes Up To 80% Of Unwanted Hair!

AFT Hair Removal: Suitable For Light To Medium Skin Tones & Removes Up To 80% Of Unwanted Hair!

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By Sophie Hong on 28 Oct 2022
Senior Editor

Shopping around for a hair removal package? If you’re leaning towards a more permanent solution, let us point you towards Strip’s Advanced Flouresence Technology (AFT) Hair Removal treatment, the next-generation of semi-permanent hair removal. 

Using machines that are jointly developed with Alma Lasers, a world-leading manufacturer of light-based treatments, Strip’s AFT Hair Removal treatment not only provides more effective results, but is also safe and comfortable. In fact, it is said to be really gentle too - which is great news for those with a lower pain tolerance! 

So what’s different about AFT Hair Removal in comparison to the previous generations of IPL treatments? For one, it uses a narrower wavelength to deliver an even distribution of energy. This results in a more targeted and precise treatment, which is capable of removing up to 80%* of unwanted body hair in just 6 sessions. 

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Compared to IPL machines which use a 3cm applicator, Strip’s custom AFT machines are fitted with a 5cm crystal applicator, which also ensures effective hair reduction over a wider surface. We hear that this works especially well on the Brazilian area, with our reviewers seeing results as quickly as a week after their first session. 

And as far as semi-permanent hair removal treatments go, Strip’s AFT Hair Removal is considered one of the most comfortable options by far. Any pain or discomfort is kept at a minimal level, thanks to the machine’s built-in cooling system and a special ‘in-motion’ technique. As further reassurance, a cooling gel will first be applied to the treatment area to minimise sensation. 

Strip’s AFT Hair Removal treatment works on a range of skin tones, so we got 3 readers of fair, light, and medium skin tones to try it out. Turns out, it’s their favourite method of semi-permanent hair removal to date - with less pain compared to IPL and fast, effective results!

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Read on for their reviews of the AFT Hair Removal treatment at Strip! 

Sihui, 28, fair skin tone 

GirlStyle SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“It was my first time trying light-based hair removal and I’m sold! The entire process was quick, comfortable, and painless except for certain areas. I was feeling really self-conscious since it was my first time, but my therapist Alice (from Strip ION) made me feel at ease and we had a pleasant chat while she worked on me. I like how neat, tidy and clean my Brazilian area feels after - it’s so much better than shaving, plus I noticed less hair growing back about 5 days after my first treatment!” 

Karmen, 28, light skin tone

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“I didn’t have a good experience with IPL previously - it stung, caused some sensitivity, and barely made a difference after 8 sessions. Strip’s AFT hair removal turned out to be far more effective and comfortable. The number of hairs and rate of hair growth reduced noticeably after just 1 session, and the entire process was also completely painless. There’s a little bit of heat but it’s barely noticeable thanks to the cooling gel. And finally, the complimentary post-treatment kit was a nice, thoughtful touch!” 

Chin Ee, 30, medium skin tone 

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“My body hair is quite thick, which makes hair removal more difficult, but I could feel that the hair roots are much looser after just 1 session of AFT. I could literally scrub the hair off with just a bit of strength! 

Personally, I feel that AFT is much more comfortable than IPL and there’s also less sensitivity after the treatment. The aftercare products that Strip provided me with helped as well. There’s some tingling during the process, but I found it quite bearable especially since they applied a cooling gel to the area before zapping.” 

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*Results may vary. Minimum of 6 sessions required.
**Choose from half arms, half legs (bottoms), or brazilian. 


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