Is An Eye Serum Necessary? I Tried One Out For 2 Weeks And Here’s What I Think

Is An Eye Serum Necessary? I Tried One Out For 2 Weeks And Here’s What I Think

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By Sophie Hong on 22 Oct 2022
Senior Editor

It’s good to include an eye serum in your beauty routine by the time you’re in your 20s. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate, which means signs of aging - such as fine lines, wrinkles, and fatigue - tend to show up sooner in this area. 

And there’s one more reason to show your eyes some extra TLC: fluids also tend to pool under your eyes, which results in the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. A good eye product can help to reduce this by brightening and de-puffing your under eye area. 

While I have been using eye creams since my mid-20s, it’s been an on-and-off thing for me. My issue with eye creams is that the ones that are richer and more potent tend to give me milia seeds (keratin-filled bumps that look like whiteheads and are notoriously difficult to get rid of), while lighter eye creams don’t seem to do much for my eye bags. 

I’ve yet to find an eye product that is just right for me, and unfortunately, early signs of aging have been slowly creeping up on me, with the fine lines around my eyes getting more and more noticeable. 

If you have yet to add a specialised eye product to your routine, or - like me - have a troubled history with eye creams, here’s a new beauty launch you need to know about: the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 from Elizabeth Arden. 

PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0

 Photo from Elizabeth Arden

The PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 is a lightweight serum powered by Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant ingredient that protects your skin against environmental aggressors, which you will encounter whenever you’re out running errands in the sun or when you’re stressed from work (which tbh, happens pretty often for me). This antioxidant protection is very important as free radical damage from environmental aggressors is actually responsible for 80% of visible signs of aging! 

This potent eye serum is further boosted by 5 other anti-aging ingredients, namely Thiotaine, vitamin E, Nonapeptide-1, hawthorn and jasmine extract, and peony petal extract. Together, they help to correct signs of aging around the eye area, including loss of radiance and firmness, dark circles, puffiness, as well as fine lines, and crow’s feet. 

I had the chance to test the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 out for 2 weeks, and it’s turning out to be the eye product that I’ve been searching for all this time. For one, it hasn’t caused any dreaded milia seeds. This is because the serum is much lighter in texture compared to a heavy eye cream, and is quickly absorbed by my skin without clogging it up. 

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

I particularly enjoyed the cooling tip that is attached to the tube - I use it to gently massage the eye serum in, and found it especially helpful in the mornings as the cooler temperature instantly de-puffs and brightens my under eye area, making me look (and feel!) more alert. 

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

And despite it being a lightweight eye serum, the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 proved to be a heavy-hitter in terms of efficacy. After 2 weeks of use, the thin and delicate skin around my eye area looks more supple and lifted. My eyes are now less puffy in the mornings, and my eye bags have definitely become lighter as well. 

Need more reason to try it out for yourself? This lightweight eye serum is suitable for all skin types, and in clinical testing, users saw: 

  • 36% increase in skin brightening around the eye area
  • 42% reduction in dark eye circles 
  • 57% improvement in skin tone evenness 

The PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0 is retailing at $144 for 20ml. Get it here.

PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0

 Photo from Elizabeth Arden

For the best results, it is recommended that you pair the eye serum with the usage of PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0, Elizabeth Arden’s #1 anti-aging serum which has been reformulated to contain 4 times the antioxidant power compared to its previous iteration. 

Similar to the eye serum, it is powered by the supercharged antioxidant Idebenone to protect your skin from visible signs of aging brought about by free radical damage. The anti-aging serum comes with the addition of 10 new ingredients selected for their anti-aging properties, including a peptide blend, vitamin C, clary sage, and bushclover flower extract. With diligent use over time, you can see improvements in skin tone, texture, clarity, and elasticity, as well as a reduction in pigmentation and wrinkles. 

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Personally, I like how the serum melted upon application and left my skin feeling velvety smooth. It was absorbed almost instantly, so I could layer on the rest of my skincare products (including the PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0!) without any pilling. For a product with such a lightweight texture, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it made a noticeable difference in my skin’s radiancy and texture within such a short window of 2 weeks. 

In fact, based on a consumer study of 55 women, Elizabeth Arden noted that in just 2 weeks, 91% of users reported an increase in radiance, 93% saw more youthful-looking skin, and 98% saw an improvement in skin appearance. Now isn’t that impressive?

The PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0 is retailing at $250 for 50ml. Get it here

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