5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Water Dispenser Installed In Your House

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Water Dispenser Installed In Your House

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By Sophie Hong on 07 Oct 2022
Senior Editor

Over the past year, water dispensers seem to have become the must-have appliance for homeowners. And we know what some of you are thinking: we live in Singapore, where our water is safe to drink straight from the tap. Do we really need a water dispenser? 

But here’s the thing - water dispensers are so sophisticated these days that they do so much more than just filter out impurities in your drinking water. Take Wells The One water dispenser for instance. The award-winning, made-in-Korea water dispenser is designed for modern lifestyles, whether you’re a new homeowner or a busy working mum. And the best part? This nifty water dispenser has such a sleek and stylish design too, so it definitely won’t look like an eyesore sitting on your new kitchen countertop! 

Read on for 5 reasons why you should get Wells The One water dispenser! 

#1 It ensures that your drinking water is free of unexpected contaminants

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Yes, Singapore’s tap water is among the cleanest in the world, but having a water purifying system as an added precaution can give you peace of mind, especially if you have pregnant women, young children, or seniors in your family. 

Here’s where Wells The One water dispenser - which uses the most thorough water filtering system amongst direct dispensing-type water dispensers in Korea - will come in useful. It consists of two filters: a multi-carbon plus filter and a nano clean filter. Besides removing suspended solids and residual rust in your water, this dual-filtration system is also capable of removing 7 types of heavy metals (including mercury, copper, and lead) as well as 35 types of harmful microorganisms such as norovirus, colon bacillus, and staphylococcus.

#2 Get both hot and cold water instantly

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It’s 2022, and no one should have to wait for hot or cold water when it can be conveniently dispensed at the touch of a button. Wells The One water dispenser is capable of dispensing water at 6 precise temperatures: 6°C (cold), 27°C (ambient), 36.5°C (body temperature), 50°C (baby formula), 70°C (tea), and 85°C (coffee). 

This not only ensures the most optimal brew for your caffeinated drinks but also helps to maintain the wellness of your family - the baby formula setting ensures that essential nutrients aren’t destroyed due to high temperatures, while the body temperature setting is said to be the most beneficial for your digestion and blood circulation system. 

#3 Your water will taste better

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In case you aren’t aware, the water that runs in our tap is treated with added chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. While the amounts added are safe for consumption and have health benefits, some people find that it affects the taste of the water. 

Wells The One water dispenser would be a worthy investment for those with extra sensitive taste buds, as it filters water down to its purest form. You might find that the water actually tastes better, or even notice a subtle difference in the food or drinks prepared with this filtered water! 

#4 No maintenance needed as the device is self-cleaning

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Find it a hassle to change filters or maintain the system? Well here’s the good news - Wells The One has a self-sterilising system, which means there’s no need for you to lift a finger. Every 3 days, the machine will automatically start a moisture electrolysing process that sterilises every part that comes into contact with water, including the water pipes. It also has an automatic water drainage system that is triggered by 24 hours of inactivity, thereby flushing out any “old” water that may have been sitting inside.

The machine itself is also made with materials that are optimised for hygiene. For instance, the dispenser contains antibacterial ceramic balls, while the water pipes are made with a special water-repellent material, which diminishes the need for pipe replacement. How smart is that?

#5 It’s one of the slimmest water dispensers on the market

      Photo from Wells Singapore

Measuring at just 8.8cm in diameter, Wells The One is one of the most compact direct dispensing-type water dispensers you can get in Singapore! As we mentioned earlier, its sleek and minimal design would make a good fit for most homes, be it on your kitchen countertop, island, or hidden in a storage space. It’s available in 6 colours at the moment, including two new dreamy shades of pastel pink and mint. 

Besides its compact size, we also love how flexible it is. The dispenser has a 180° swivel, which allows for easy dispensing - whether you’re cooking or filling up your water bottle. It also has a removable tray to accommodate bigger water pitchers or cookware. 

        Photo from Wells Singapore

Wells The One water dispenser is retailing at Takashimaya and TANGS at Tang Plaza. You can also visit the Wells Singapore showroom at #03-06 AZ@Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Rd. 

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