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12 Best Things To Buy At Tokyu Hands Singapore That Are Unique & Functional

12 Best Things To Buy At Tokyu Hands Singapore That Are Unique & Functional

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By Karmen on 12 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

Browsing through the unique Japanese products at Tokyu Hands is always fun, but there's just so much to go through! If you prefer a shopping TLDR on what's worth buying, check out our top 12 finds:


#1 Kokuyo SAXA POCHE Compact Scissors ($13.50)

Kokuyo SAXA POCHE Compact ScissorsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

These sleek pastel pods are actually scissors! The two scissor blades are tucked away into the cap for a seamless look. Its aesthetic appeal aside, its compact design makes it convenient and safe to carry around.

As much as we're raving about these scissors, it's not without flaws. The grip isn't as secure as that of traditional scissors, and its blades can't cut through materials that are too thick or hard.

#2 Midori Compact Punch ($20.20)

Midori Compact PunchPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Japanese stationery brand Midori is famed for their cute, extra small stationery. One of them is a foldable hole puncher that measures 8cm in length - tiny in comparison to other hole punchers!


#3 Midori XS Glue Tape ($6.30)

Midori XS Glue TapePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another standout product by Midori is their compact glue tape. While glue tapes aren't a new thing, this one in particular rolls out glue in dots.

This polka dot pattern creates a clean finish while maintaining a strong adhesive effect.

#4 Plus Mount Fuji Eraser ($2.90)

Plus Mount Fuji EraserPhoto from Plus

This viral eraser is made up of two layers of coloured rubber. As you use it and the rubber wears off, it turns from an ordinary block into a shape of Mount Fuji topped with snow.

#5 Kobaru MARU Liner ($6.70)


Kobaru MARU LinerPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This highlighter comes with a unique domed end that looks oh-so cute and also has a practical function - it can be used as a regular highlighter as well as to create dots in different sizes.

#6 Uni-ball One F Gel Pens ($3.50)

Uni-ball One F gel pensPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

One of the bestsellers at Tokyu Hands Singapore, these smooth gel pens contain fast-drying ink that have large pigment particles that stay on the surface of the paper instead of getting absorbed into it. That means notes stand out from paper in vibrant ink and crisp lines that don't smudge.

It comes in a wide variety of gorgeous colours, and the reasonable price tag is another plus.

#7 ELECOM Animal Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest ($24.90)

ELECOM Animal Mouse Pad with Wrist RestPhoto from ELECOM


Any office worker will understand the woes of wrist discomfort from using a mouse all day. Take that strain off your wrist with these adorable mouse pads that come with squishy pads that provide some much-needed cushion for the wrist.

#8 Green Bell Nail Clipper with Lens ($19)

GirlStyle SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Not all nail clippers are created equal, apparently. We learnt this when we came across this pair of bougie nail clippers that come with an attached magnifying lens for the most precise nail cut. The lens can also be used for reading small text!

#9 GOODGLAS Animal Double Glass ($32)

GOODGLAS Animal Double GlassPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

GOODGLAS' glasses are a luxurious treat that elevates the simple everyday routine of drinking beverages. When filled with coloured drinks, animal faces form on the glasses. The double wall design also keeps drinks at their desired hot or cold temperature longer and prevents that uncomfortable damp hold from condensation.

#10 Skater Silicone Wrap Square ($20.60)


Skater Silicone Wrap SquarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap, these silicone wrap can be reused repeatedly and is safe for the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Simply stretch it with the protruding side up and stick the adsorption side on the back to the dish.

#11 Moonbat Estaa Air-Slim Lightweight Easy Open Umbrella ($56.30)

Moonbat Estaa Air-Slim Lightweight Easy Open UmbrellaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Thanks to a carbon frame and ultra-thin ripstop fabric, this umbrella is ridiculously light, weighing just 75 grams. It also comes in a slim design that'll fit into most bags.

#12 MARNA Toilet Brush PRO ($35.80)

MARNA Toilet Brush PROPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Last but not least is this cool-looking toilet brush that comes with two brush heads. Sticking out from the Main Brush is a small Edge Brush that, you guessed it, cleans behind the edge of the toilet bowl.

The handle is also 10cm longer than typical toilet brushes which helps you avoid that dreaded toilet splash while cleaning.

These products were spotted at the Tokyu Hands outlets at Suntec City and Orchard Central.

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