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LOZ Has Launched New Dim Sum Building Blocks Toys, Get Them Online In Singapore

LOZ Has Launched New Dim Sum Building Blocks Toys, Get Them Online In Singapore

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By Karmen on 11 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

Toy enthusiasts, especially building blocks collectors, will be familiar with LOZ. The Chinese toy manufacturer dreams up the most wonderfully intricate toy models made by assembling mini building blocks.


Besides classic designs like cars and flowers, LOZ sets itself apart by including traditional Chinese elements like with the building blocks of a temple and shophouses in ancient China. Their latest creation to take inspiration from Chinese culture is the Dim Sum building blocks collection.

LOZ dim sum building block toysPhoto from LOZ

Any dim sum lover will instantly identify each of the dishes, not to mention feel giddy at the sight of the hyper-detailed designs of their favourite food.

Of course, the collection includes siu mai (pork & shrimp dumplings), everyone's all-time favourite. Each dumpling comes topped with shrimp and rests in a bamboo steamer.

Xin Ha Siu Mai WongPhoto from LOZ

Display it on its own or stack it up on top of the other toys that come in bamboo baskets like the ha gau (shrimp dumplings). This one's particularly fascinating as the dumplings can be split into two to reveal its fillings like shrimp and what looks like bamboo shoots and ginger.

Gam Pai Ha Gau WongPhoto from LOZ


Another one that has visible fillings when opened is the nai wong bau (custard buns) that are shaped like little pigs.

Zyu Zai Nai Wong BauPhoto from LOZ

If you're already salivating, wait till you see the fung zau! LOZ has very impressively managed to make tiny bricks look like a plate of realistic-(and delicious) looking chicken feet. The cherry on top is the detail of sliced green and red chilli.

Si Zap Zing Fung ZauPhoto from LOZ

Possibly overshadowing them all is the shrimp cheong fun (rice vermicelli) dish that has every detail on point from the transparent skin to the sauce. It even comes with a pair of chopsticks and a side of chilli and soy sauce.

Xin Har Cheong FunPhoto from LOZ

Dim sum is best paired with tea, so it's only fitting that this building blocks collection also includes a pot of Tieguanyin (oolong tea). The fancy-looking pot can be opened up for a different look or as a home for mini figurines. It also comes with three teacups including one that's toppled over with transparent "tea" spilling out.

Yong Hoeng TieguanyinPhoto from LOZ

The LOZ Dim Sum Building Blocks can be purchased online at for USD 18.99 (~SGD 26.71) each or USD 87.99 (~SGD 123.74) for a set of all six designs. The prices include shipping to Singapore.

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