Baguette Bags Are Currently Trending: Here Are 8 Affordable & Stylish Ones In Singapore You Need To Cop

Baguette Bags Are Currently Trending: Here Are 8 Affordable & Stylish Ones In Singapore You Need To Cop

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By Jayme on 07 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

If there is one fashion piece that represents the ‘90s, it’s undisputably the baguette bag. Also known as the shoulder bag, this Y2K staple has made a comeback in recent years and can be seen on the shelves of many luxury brands – think Prada’s Re-Edition 2000 and Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Accessoires.

Unfortunately, not many of us can readily splash out thousands of dollars to get our hands on designer versions of this iconic accessory. Luckily, with many mid-range and affordable fashion brands hopping on this throwback bag trend, you don’t have to look far and wide to find a wallet-friendly yet stylish baguette bag to call your own.

#1 JW Pei - Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag

JW Pei Baguette Bags in SingaporePhoto from JW Pei

Tick off the boxes of both sustainability and trendiness with JW Pei’s Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag (from $127). Hailing from an affordable Los Angeles vegan brand that boasts a vast collection of fun and modern minimalist handbags, this croissant-shaped bag is designed with a bunched handle that adds textural interest, and created using vegan leather and recycled plastic. What’s more? This unpretentious shoulder bag comes in a variety of colours. 

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#2 Peta + Jain - Paloma

Peta + Jain Paloma Baguette Bag in SingaporePhoto from Peta + Jain

Australian vegan label Peta + Jain’s Paloma ($69.95) is the shoulder bag you need if you desperately want Prada’s iconic mini bag – we’re talking the Prada Re-Edition 2005 shoulder bag that comes with a detachable shoulder strap, chain handle and zipper pouch – but without the luxury designer price tag. It comes in two materials, nylon and textured vegan leather, with silver or gold toned hardware. Colours range from the classic black and white to green, lilac and cappuccino brown. 

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#3 Charles & Keith - Gabine Curved Shoulder Bag

Charles & Keith Gabine Curved Shoulder BagPhoto from Charles & Keith

Homegrown Charles & Keith is renowned for its runway-inspired shoes as well as stylish bags, so it’s no surprise that many of its celebrated designs, such as the Gabbine Saddle Bag, have won the hearts of many. This includes the Gabine Curved Shoulder Bag ($85.90), an elegant baguette bag that is basically the reinvented version of the OG. It sports the same iconic gold-tone buckle detail and is accompanied with a removable shoulder strap, making it versatile each time you need a style lift.  

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#4 SHEIN - Minimalist Ring Decor Baguette Bag

SHEIN Minimalist Ring Decor Baguette BagPhoto from SHEIN

The most pocket-friendly and uniquely designed of the lot is SHEIN’s Minimalist Ring Decor Baguette Bag ($14). This no-frills bag comes in beige and black with gold finishes and has a corduroy-like pattern that resembles Fendi’s iconic logo when seen from afar. Given that the bag is made using cotton, its body is rather soft and light. However, the contrast in fabric from its wired knotted handle helps to add some character to the whole accessory, giving it casual chic vibes. 

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#5 Calvin Klein - Minimal Monogram Shoulder Bag

Calvin Klein Minimal Monogram Shoulder BagPhoto from Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s Minimal Monogram Shoulder Bag ($159) is proof that muted tones are anything but dull, and when thoughtfully designed, they can make anything appear effortlessly stunning.  Made with recycled polyester and available in Mercury Grey and Seaweed Green, this compact bag is decorated with silver metal accents that pop against both colours, giving it a sleek look. 

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#6 H&M - Small Twill Shoulder Bag

H&M Small Twill Shoulder BagPhoto from H&M

Featuring a pleated finish and a flap with a concealed press-stud fastening at the front, the H&M Small Twill Shoulder Bag ($39.95) is perfect for those whose fashion style tends to lean towards chic and feminine. Stocked in light beige and black, this simple yet dainty appearance is a cute and timeless accessory to nab. 

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#7 Cotton On - Maxine Shoulder Bag

Cotton On Maxine Shoulder Bag Photo from Cotton On

Whether it is jewellery, bags or hats, everyone needs a fashion statement piece in their closet. Find yourself lacking in that department? Check out Cotton On’s Maxine Shoulder Bag ($69.99). Shaped like a trapezium, this bag is available in bold tones – orange, green and burgundy – as well as the classic black. The colours of its shoulder straps are also designed to contrast with the bag’s body, making it extra vibrant and edgy.

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#8 Guess - Little Bay Shoulder Bag

Guess Little Bay Shoulder BagPhoto from Guess

Another modest designer brand not to overlook is Guess. The American fashion house’s Little Bay Shoulder Bag ($88), made of nylon with a classic silhouette, looks almost like Prada’s Re-Nylon Re-Edition 2000 Mini-Bag; it could have people fooled. Available in black and tan, along with signature features such as Guess’ triangle logo emblem, this shoulder bag will make a timeless piece in your wardrobe. 

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