Getting Adult Braces At 28 Years Old: 5 Reasons Why I Chose Invisalign Even Though It’s Pricier

Getting Adult Braces At 28 Years Old: 5 Reasons Why I Chose Invisalign Even Though It’s Pricier

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By Sophie Hong on 18 Aug 2022
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I’ve had crooked teeth my entire life. Growing up, they caused a whole host of problems and insecurities. Aesthetically, I didn’t like how my teeth looked and didn’t dare to smile too widely for photos. As a content creator, I grew even more self-conscious when I had to start doing video work because the crookedness of my teeth is even more glaring on a wider screen. 

The most embarrassing incident for me though, was when I met up with a Tinder date who happened to be an orthodontist. He noticed my crooked teeth immediately and asked if I wanted to get braces with him at a discounted rate. Ouch.

Beyond these superficial reasons, crooked teeth are also harder to brush and floss. As a result, I had a recurring stain on one particular bottom tooth, which required a visit to the dentist’s office every few months to polish off. I’ve always felt very self-conscious about that since it made me look like I didn’t have the best oral hygiene. 

While some of my peers fixed their teeth with braces during our teenage years, it was a luxury that wasn’t afforded to me. So as a 28-year-old adult with some spending power, I finally bit the bullet and decided to get adult braces. While cost was definitely a consideration, I went with Invisalign after weighing all the options available to me. 

Read on to find out why I had no regrets choosing Invisalign!
*Besides speaking from my own experience as someone who is completing her treatment, I’ve also interviewed Dr Boey Pui Yunn, a specialist orthodontist and Diamond Invisalign Provider at T32 Dental for her opinion. 

#1 It gets faster results

After just 4 months, my teeth looked significantly straighter. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

I got my first Invisalign tray in the first week of December 2020. By the time the festive season came around, my friend pointed out that the top row of my teeth already look so much neater in our Christmas photos.

I was curious as to why it happened so fast, so this was one of my first questions for Dr Boey Pui Yunn.

“Invisalign treatment is highly effective and produces excellent results when combined with good patient compliance,” says Dr Boey.

“Each set of aligners moves your teeth gradually, so as you change your aligners as prescribed, you will be able to see your teeth straighten over time.”

And here’s some even better news: that’s not the only positive result I got from the early stages of my Invisalign treatment. My jawline had always been extremely asymmetrical because of my misaligned bite, but within a month of starting Invisalign, it started shifting. 

The change was so drastic that not only did my jawline look sharper and more symmetrical, but my cheekbones also became more prominent. Friends that I hadn’t seen in a while asked if I had lost weight or done something to my face, only to learn that nope - it’s just Invisalign!

That said, this experience might not necessarily apply to everyone (which is good if you’re happy with your current jawline!). 

“It really depends on the situation. Patients who have concerns if teeth straightening will change their jawline or cheekbone structure should speak to their orthodontist; communication with your orthodontist is very important to express concerns and expectations,” says Dr Boey.  

#2 It is definitely more convenient and helps me avoid awkward situations that would have arisen with traditional braces

 Photo from Invisalign

I have colleagues and friends who did metal braces as adults, and there were certain inconveniences they had to live with. Besides having to make time in their busy work schedules for dentist appointments, some of them also felt rather self-conscious when they have to meet clients or give a presentation. Another common complaint is the troublesome upkeep - they have to avoid certain foods, take extra care when flossing and brushing, and make sure to clean between the metal wires and brackets. 

My experience with Invisalign was a complete breeze compared to theirs. There was no need to restrict my diet because I had to remove my trays anyway before eating or drinking. Granted, I still have to brush after every meal, but the cleaning of my teeth and Invisalign trays was definitely easier and faster compared to my friends who had braces. 

While my teeth weren’t completely straight for my wedding in February, I was glad that I had the option of taking off my trays for photos. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Oh and the best part? My teeth straightening journey didn’t affect my wedding plans at all since I could just pop my plastic trays off! My wedding ceremony happened three months into my Invisalign journey, and I could smile comfortably and confidently in all of my wedding photos. 

#3 As my case was considered complicated, other clear aligners providers were not able to fix my teeth

Photo taken at the start of my Invisalign journey in December 2020. Looking back, I can’t believe my bottom row used to look like this! Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

When I was researching my options, I must admit that Invisalign was not my first choice due to competitive pricing from other clear aligner providers. I did consult with other direct-to-consumer providers, but they couldn’t solve my issue. 

The reason cited was that their aligners can only correct the 6 front teeth for each row, and furthermore, my overcrowded teeth needed major correction. Out of all the clear aligner providers that I’d consulted with, Invisalign was the only brand of clear aligners that can solve my severe overcrowding. 

“Almost all cases are treatable by Invisalign,” assures Dr Boey. That said, each case is unique, so her advice is to always consult a dental professional first to see if Invisalign treatment is suitable for you. 

And don’t be mistaken - Invisalign isn’t just for patients who need heavy correction. Its system is able to work on a wide range of cases, from mild to complicated. 

“The treatment price will depend on the complexity of individual teeth condition. Your orthodontist will be able to guide you through the prices,” elaborates Dr Boey. 

#4 Dentist visits were quick and easy, and I felt safe with regular check-ins with my Invisalign provider

 Photo from Invisalign

So even though Invisalign wasn’t cheap, looking back I’d say it’s money well spent because I’m paying for safety and reassurance. The risk of not having any dentist visits at all during the teeth straightening process is that something might go wrong and cause irreversible damage - and it’s not like you’ll grow another set of teeth back! 

“Yes, they are more expensive compared to traditional braces due to the advanced 3D technology involved in creating these customised aligners,” explains Dr Boey.

And from my experience, visits to the dentist’s office (the first few visits were weekly, then tapered down to monthly and once every two to three months) were often quick and painless. Save for a couple of sessions where he had to shave my teeth and install buttons for the trays to attach to, most of the visits took less than 5 minutes and I could just quickly pop in and out during my lunch break. 

“If everything is going on track, you may receive more aligners so that you can progress at your own convenience and minimise frequent trips to the orthodontist,” adds Dr Boey.  

#5 It is also more comfortable, with no painful ulcers

 Photo from Invisalign

I knew I made the right decision with Invisalign when I met my cousin earlier this year during Chinese New Year. As I greedily devoured bak kwa, pineapple tarts and hae bee hiam rolls, I caught him looking on with obvious envy in his eyes. 

Turns out, he had just got traditional metal braces done a couple of weeks prior… and in the week leading up to Chinese New Year, he had somehow developed 8 painful ulcers in his mouth. 

“[Invisalign] is more comfortable and effective [compared to traditional braces],” agrees Dr Boey.

What a difference 25 trays of Invisalign can make! My face looks sharper with a more defined jawline, and of course, my smile looks heaps better. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

While most of my friends were happy for me and my journey with Invisalign because they knew my crooked smile had been a major insecurity, some of them couldn’t help but question if the money was better spent on a designer bag. 

Honestly? It was all worth it for me. My new and improved smile gave me a lot more confidence, especially in the line of my work, and I suffer from fewer cavities and stains because I’m brushing my teeth more effectively now with this new alignment. 

And speaking from experience, Invisalign is convenient, speedy and most importantly, safe - which makes it the best teeth straightening treatment to go for as a working adult. It’ll save you some social awkwardness and make your life so much easier! 

Get started on your research by completing the free smile assessment here. An Invisalign smile concierge will reach out to help you book a consultation. Pro-tip: you will receive $200 off your Invisalign treatment when you book an appointment via the smile concierge. Terms & conditions apply.

About the Invisalign Provider

Invisalign-review_Dr Boey Pui Yunn

Dr Boey Pui Yunn is a specialist orthodontist registered with the Singapore Dental Council. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Master of Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) degree and a Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. She is currently a Diamond Invisalign Provider at T32 Dental.

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