5 Reasons For Dull Skin Or Dark Spots, And How To Get Glowy, Spot-less Skin In 2 Weeks

5 Reasons For Dull Skin Or Dark Spots, And How To Get Glowy, Spot-less Skin In 2 Weeks

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By Sophie Hong on 30 Jul 2022
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A common skin concern is dull skin or skin that is pigmented - complete with an uneven tone and pesky dark spots or post-acne marks that just won’t seem to fade away on their own. 

Before you start attempting to counter dull skin, uneven skin tone or dark spots with brightening skincare products or facial treatments, it helps to first understand the underlying causes. For instance, did you know that one major cause of uneven and dull skin is actually dehydration

Read on for 5 reasons that might be causing uneven, dull skin or dark spots, and how to nip the problem in the bud! 

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#1 Your skin is recovering from an acne breakout

Skin discolouration can be triggered by inflammation or injury. This is also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is quite common after an acne breakout and unfortunately, can take a very long time to fade on its own. 

#2 You’re not using sun protection

Getting some sunshine is great but if you’re not using sunscreen, you’re exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Signs of sun damage include dark spots, dehydrated skin and fine lines - all of which can dim your skin’s natural radiance and make it look more aged. 

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#3 Your skincare products are too strong

Retinoids, acids and exfoliants in your skincare routine can effectively give you a smooth and radiant complexion. However, some of these products can be really strong and they aren’t suitable for everyone. Using products that are too strong for your skin can wreck your skin’s natural barrier, which reduces your skin’s moisture level and causes you to lose your glow.

Skin irritation can also cause dark spots, which is why it’s so important to look through the ingredients list of your brightening skincare products to make sure they aren’t aggravating the problem! 

#4 Your skincare products aren’t non-comedogenic

Smooth skin reflects light better, so beyond regular exfoliating, you also need to make sure that the products you’re using are non-comedogenic. This is especially important if you have oily or combination skin that is prone to congestion, as non-comedogenic products are formulated to not clog up your pores.

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#5 Your skin is dehydrated

Dryness is the most common cause of dull skin. It creates cracks in the skin's surface and causes dead skin cells to build up, making the complexion look uneven and lacklustre. The key to tackling dull skin? Make sure that your skincare routine focuses not just on brightening, but also on restoring your skin’s moisture level! 

Senka Aqua Bright range - brightening skincare that hydrates at the same time 

Senka’s improved brightening formula combines the hydrating boost of Aqua MoistEX technology and the brightening power of tranexamic acid.Photo from Senka

You know Senka for its Perfect Whip Cleanser, which has been the bestselling cleanser in Japan for 14 consecutive years. This gentle-yet-effective drugstore facial cleanser comes with moisture-boosting properties, thanks to its key ingredient Japanese silk cocoon essence and double hyaluronic acid, which are used in all Senka products for optimal skin hydration. 

The well-loved Japanese skincare brand has also launched brightening skincare called Senka Aqua Bright, which serves the dual purpose of true brightening with the power of hydration. After all, your skin needs adequate moisture to stay bright and radiant! 

Key ingredients & skincare technology

The key ingredient in Aqua Bright skincare is tranexamic acid, a super effective skin-brightening ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-melanin producing properties that help to lighten dark spots (including post-acne marks!), improve skin tone and speed up skin barrier recovery (fun fact: tranexamic acid can also be found in many luxury skincare products).

 Unlike some other brightening agents, tranexamic acid is generally safe and well-tolerated by all skin types! When combined with double hyaluronic acid and Senka’s Aqua-MoistEX technology to boost your skin’s hydration levels, your skin will be revitalised with a healthy glow. Some users even reported spot-less and radiant bare skin in just two weeks*.

Made for all skin types

Avoiding brightening products because you have sensitive skin? You’ll be pleased to know that Aqua Bright Lotion, Glow Gel Cream and Moist Whip Cream are dermatology-tested and are free of alcohol, colourants and fragrances. These three products are also non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores and cause you to break out. This is especially important if you have oily or combination skin! 

The Senka Aqua Bright skincare routine - brighten, hydrate & protect

Aqua Bright Lotion, $17.90.Photo from Senka

After cleansing, apply the Aqua Bright Lotion ($17.90) - a lightweight and non-sticky watery gel lotion that can brighten skin in just two weeks. 

Aqua Bright Glow Gel Cream, $19.90.Photo from Senka

Follow up with Aqua Bright Glow Gel Cream ($19.90), a brightening and hydrating moisturiser that has a lightweight and non-sticky texture. 

Aqua Bright Glow UV Moist Whip Cream, $19.90.Photo from Senka

For your AM skincare routine, switch out the gel cream for Aqua Bright Glow UV Moist Whip Cream ($19.90), a 3-in-1 moisturiser that brightens, hydrates and protects your skin with SPF25 PA++. If you have to try just one product from Senka’s Aqua Bright skincare, then we’d recommend trying this!

Aqua Bright Serum in CC, $21.90.Photo from Senka

Heading out and need to put on a little makeup? Try the Aqua Bright Serum in CC ($21.90), a serum-infused sunscreen that gives you SPF50+ PA++++ UV protection, colour-correcting benefits for a brighter and rosier complexion, and of course, reduces the appearance of dark spots with tranexamic acid.

Clinically proven to fade dark spots and post-acne marks

According to a clinical test*, more than 90% of users reported seeing an improvement in the appearance of dark spots and skin tone, with their skin looking brighter and feeling more moisturised. And seeing that Senka is a Japanese skincare brand, you can rest assured that these products are formulated for Asian skin - even their clinical tests are done exclusively on Asian women. 

Want to achieve spot-less and radiant bare skin in as quickly as 2 weeks? Then you’ve got to give the Senka Aqua Bright skincare a try! 

Senka Aqua Bright skincare and its popular cleansers are retailing at Watsons, Guardian, Welcia-BHG, and on Senka’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada. 

*Clinical test on 22 female subjects aged 21 to 38, Sep 21. 


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