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Q-pot. Has A Range Of Sakura Food-Themed Jewellery & Accessories, Shop Online & Get It Shipped To Singapore

Q-pot. Has A Range Of Sakura Food-Themed Jewellery & Accessories, Shop Online & Get It Shipped To Singapore

Fashion Accessories
By Karmen on 17 Jul 2022
Digital Editor

Created by Tokyo-born accessory designer, Tadaaki Wakamatsu, in 2002, Q-pot. is where fine jewellery and the kawaii fashion world collide.


At a glance, Q-Pot. jewellery are simply whimsical and almost unserious as they take on the form of realistic-looking sweets and desserts. But look closer and you'll notice that the pieces are beautifully made with high quality materials. Branded as "positive accessories", the exquisite wearable works of art are designed to put a smile on the wearer's faces and are all handmade in Japan.

Q-Pot. routinely launches themed collections, but there are certain classic and sought-after designs that are routinely restocked only to be sold out again, namely the sakura-themed pieces.

One of the most iconic pieces is the Sakura Monaka Necklace (JPY 8000, ~SGD 80.93), which looks just like the traditional Japanese snack, Monaka. "Azuki bean paste" is sandwiched between two sakura-shaped "wafers" with a Swarovski adding some bling. It also comes in two pink versions.

Q-Pot. Sakura Monaka NecklacePhoto from Q-Pot.

The Sakura Sugar Cookie Necklace (JPY 8300, ~SGD 83.97) is another classic. This pretty piece looks so tempting to bite into, taking the form of a sakura-shaped biscuit covered in pink "sugar".

Q-Pot. Sakura Sugar Cookie NecklacePhoto from Q-Pot.

An irresistibly adorable design is the Petit Sakura Macaron which looks so much like an actual pink macaron filled with buttercream and topped with a sakura design. This design is available as clip-on earrings (JPY 8600, ~SGD 87), a necklace (JPY 8200, ~SGD 82.96) and hair tie (JPY 4800, ~SGD 48.56).


Q-Pot. Petit Sakura Macaron clip-on earringsPhoto from Q-Pot.

Q-Pot. Petit Sakura Macaron necklace and hair tiePhoto from Q-Pot.

For those who fancy the less mainstream Japanese sweets, there's the Sakura Daifuku Necklace (JPY 9200, ~SGD 93.07) that shows off the mochi-like texture as well as the filling inside, as if someone has taken a bite out of it.

Q-Pot. Sakura Daifuku NecklacePhoto from Q-Pot.

If you prefer something more understated, something like the Sakura Bean Paste Ring (JPY 5000, ~SGD 50.58) will give your outfit a subtly whimsical food element.

Q-Pot. Sakura Bean Paste RingPhoto from Q-Pot.

Shipping to Singapore is free for orders above JYP 20,000 (SGD 202.67). If you can't hit that amount, the shipping cost is still fairly reasonable at about SGD 19.

Shop the Q-pot. Sakura series here ->

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