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Quirky, Realistic-Looking Food AirPods Cases In Singapore Ft. Pastries, Fast Food & More

Quirky, Realistic-Looking Food AirPods Cases In Singapore Ft. Pastries, Fast Food & More

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By Karmen on 12 Dec 2021
Digital Editor
Has severe RBF but is fairly jolly and carefree on the inside. Degree of life satisfaction is heavily influenced by food.

How fun is it when everyday items look just like food? Think about the novelty of sleeping with an egg-shaped blanket, carrying a Nissin cup noodle pouch, or sitting on toast cushions that combine into a bread loaf.


And now, your music routine can also be food-ified with realistic-looking food AirPods cases.

Keep reading to check them out!

We've found two collections of realistic-looking food AirPods cases that are compatible for AirPods 1,2 and Pro.

Part I: Pastries & Fruit ($5.80)

Realistic bread and pastries AirPods casesPhoto from Shopee

This collection has bread buns, pain au croissant, Swiss rolls and strawberries.

Realistic pain au chocolat AirPods casePhoto from AirPods case


Part II: Fast Food, Meat, Veggies & Sushi ($5.89)

If you like more indulgent foods, this collection will probably make you salivate. There's everything from burgers, pizza and chicken nuggets to waffles, fried eggs and instant noodles. Fans of Japanese cuisine can go for the cute tobiko sushi or onigiri.

Realistic food AirPods casesPhoto from Shopee

Realistic egg on pan AirPods casesPhoto from Shopee

Some of the most adorable designs are the chicken wing and drumstick with a delicious-looking glazed texture.

Realistic chicken wing and drumstick AirPods casesPhoto from Shopee

Another one for meat lovers, this roast pork AirPods case that has defined layers of "meat" and "fat" with a shiny fatty finish.

Realistic roast pork AirPods casePhoto from Shopee


Steak lovers will love this juicy "steak" AirPods case that even comes with diamond-shaped grill marks.

Realistic steak AirPods casePhoto from Shopee

And for the people who prefer veggies, there's also a cute lettuce-shaped AirPods case.

Realistic lettuce AirPods casesPhoto from Shopee

Shop the first collection here and the second here.

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