How 6 Readers Got Shiny, Smooth & Bright Hair Colours By Dyeing Their Hair At Home For Just $16.90

How 6 Readers Got Shiny, Smooth & Bright Hair Colours By Dyeing Their Hair At Home For Just $16.90

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By Sophie Hong on 30 Jun 2022
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Spotted some pesky grey hairs in the mirror recently? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty normal even for those in their 20s. There are plenty of factors at play here, including genetics, stress and a deficiency in vitamin B12. If it really bugs you, there are always at-home hair dyes that can help you cover up quickly and affordably - like Cleodite’s range of hair colours ($16.90 per box), which are formulated to cover both black and grey hair evenly.

CleoditePhoto from Cleodite

The Japanese beauty brand’s innovative formula contains hair dye molecules that can reach the core of your hair directly, allowing for better product penetration and a stronger colour lock. The end result? Beautiful and evenly-coloured hair that looks captivating in any light.

CleoditePhoto from Cleodite

One of the more popular hair dye brands in Japan and Hong Kong, this cream-type hair dye is also enriched with four different plant-based oil extracts to ensure that your hair remains healthy and smooth.

There’s squalene, which helps to moisturise your hair thoroughly, and jojoba oil to strengthen and protect, so you can rest assured that this hair dye will do minimal damage to your hair follicles. There’s also camellia and rosehip oil, which have the ability to enhance hair colour and to make your hair look shinier.

CleoditePhoto from Cleodite

If you’ve avoided dyeing your hair due to the smell of the chemicals, you’ll be pleased to know that Cleodite’s range of hair colours carry a light floral-marine fragrance that lingers on even after dyeing. It definitely allows for a much more pleasant hair colouring experience! 

Cleodite’s range of hair colours are available in 6 shades. They are: 

  • #03 Bright Brown 
  • #03OG Olive Gray 
  • #03CR Crystal Bordeaux 
  • #04 Light Brown 
  • #04EB Earl Grey Brown 
  • #04KB Khaki Brown

To use, simply mix the hair dye according to instructions on the box and apply evenly on dry hair using the provided styling brush. Use your fingers to apply the cream on the finer segments of your hair and hairline (gloves are provided). Leave it on for about 20 minutes, then rinse, shampoo and condition. 

Cleodite is retailing for $16.90 per box. Available at Watsons, FairPrice, Don Don Donki, Mediya and Welcia-BHG.

# 1 Chin Ee, 30

Colour: #04KB Khaki Brown

Chin EePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“This box dye came in a cream formula, along with its own tray and comb, making it easy for me to spread and layer on my thick hair. Aside from an easy application process, the dye also didn’t drip and that made the 20-minute wait a lot more bearable. Washing off the dye was a quick process and it didn’t stain my towel or clothes at all. While it didn’t include a post-dye treatment or conditioner, I could easily use my own.”

#2 Queenie, 32

Colour: #03 Bright Brown

QueeniePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I like that it’s really easy and convenient to use, allowing me to colour my hair all by myself. The formula is great for covering grey hair, as well as difficult-to-dye roots. Thanks to the four nature-derived oil extracts, which protects and enhances the shine of my hair, my mane felt and looked so much healthier than before. Not only did the dye have a refreshing floral scent to it, it also left my scalp comfortable after use—unlike other brands that contain harsh chemicals.”

#3 Cheryl, 30

Colour: #03OG Olive Gray

CherylPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“I managed to colour my hair evenly as the product came with very easy instructions to follow. The application process was smooth and not messy at all! After dyeing my hair, I couldn’t stop touching it because it was so soft. The only downside? The dyed colour turned out to be more brown than olive grey as my base hair colour was so dark.”

#4 Gwen Koh, 35

Colour: #04EB Earl Grey Brown

GwenPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“My hair doesn’t usually absorb colour that well, but this dye worked better than many other DIY box dyes I’ve tried in the past. Plus, the smell of the dye doesn’t linger much—it washes off in a jiffy! There’s a nice tint of red in the brown base, which was subtle and not too loud. My hair wasn’t dry at all after dyeing.”

#5 Flavia, 28

Colour: #03 Bright Brown

FlaviaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“Compared to other box dyes, Cleodite’s did not sting my scalp at all. After dyeing, my hair felt silky smooth to the touch—it was also a breeze to comb through! The dye coloured my mane evenly without any unpleasant scent. I love that I’m able to dye my hair in the comfort of home without any hassle.”

#6 Alanis, 22

Colour: #04KB Khaki Brown

AlanisPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“The dye was easy to mix and the brush made it easy for me to apply on my hair. Not only did the dyed hair colour suit my skin tone beautifully, it didn’t damage my mane either, leaving it soft to the touch. I highly recommend this box dye and would definitely love to try out other colours in the future!”

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Text: GirlStyle SG

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