Makeup In A Post-Covid World: Trends, Hacks & Travel-friendly Tips From Makeup Artist Ying

Makeup In A Post-Covid World: Trends, Hacks & Travel-friendly Tips From Makeup Artist Ying

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By Sophie Hong on 08 Jun 2022
Senior Editor

It’s 2022, and with the return of travel and relaxed mask rules, your rotation of makeup looks should get an update as well. We got makeup artist Ying (@yyingcui), who has 9 years of experience in editorial, bridal and commercial work, to share some insider tips on how to look on-trend and ready for a post-covid reappearance. 

Read on for Ying’s take on post-pandemic beauty looks!

Ying, makeup artist.Photo from @yyingcui/Instagram

#1 Healthy, hydrated skin is still in

Yes, glass skin is still trending, but skin that is healthy, hydrated and radiant (without being blinding) has its fans as well. “There’s an increasing movement towards a matte sort of radiance,” observes Ying. “It still shows off your skin and makes it look hydrated without being too oily.” 

#2 The eyes have it

With a mask obscuring half of our faces, the only feature that you can still play up is your eyes. Go for bold with coloured eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadows of all hues, textures and finishes. If you want just a subtle hint of colour, try doing a splash of coloured eyeshadow underneath your eyes - it’s playful, cute and definitely draws attention still! 

And here’s a tip from Ying on how to make sure your eye makeup applies smoothly: “I love using the M.A.C 24hr eye primer on undereye lines and laugh lines - it pulls the skin taut slightly and allows for better application.”

#3 Make your lipstick work harder

Do you know that your lipstick can also double up as blush and eyeshadow? If the occasion calls for waterproof makeup, use your matte liquid lipstick as a blush and a metallic shimmer lipstick as a  highlighter. 

If you’re doing this, Ying has a word of caution: “Invest in a good skin and eye primer so that the extra pigments in the lipstick won’t stain your skin!”

#4 Go easy on the contouring

One thing that Ying would like to see us leave in the pre-pandemic era? Crazy nose contouring and baking, which can often look unnatural if they’re overly done. “Don’t mistake bronzing for contouring either!” she says. 

For the uninitiated, bronzer is in again and its main function is to bring warmth and a sun-kissed radiance to your face - unlike contour, which is to sculpt your face. As a general rule of thumb, bronzer is usually applied to the high points of your face while contour is applied on concave areas where the shadows tend to fall.

With all that being said, makeup is all about fun and experimentation. So if there’s one thing that you should take away from Ying’s advice, it’s this: “There are no rules to makeup - just guidelines and hacks to make your life easier!” 

Ying, makeup artist.Photo from @yyingcui/Instagram

Follow Ying on Instagram here. Ying is also a judge for GirlStyle Favourites 2022, an annual beauty award that celebrates our favourite beauty brands and products - from skincare to makeup to haircare. See all of this year’s winners for GirlStyle Favourites here.