This IG-worthy Pottery Studio In Singapore Is Offering A  Gorgeous Blue “Marble Clay” For The Month Of May

This IG-worthy Pottery Studio In Singapore Is Offering A Gorgeous Blue “Marble Clay” For The Month Of May

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By Sophie Hong on 27 Apr 2022
Senior Editor

If you’ve always wanted to try pottery, then this is a sign that you should give it a go at Arudio. For the month of May, the beginner-friendly pottery studio is offering its customers the chance to work with blue “marble clay” - a specially-made clay that gives your ceramics a gorgeous blue marbling pattern. 

A 3-hour trial class is affordably-priced at $130 per couple, which gives each of you ample time to work on two ceramic pieces each. The first piece will be made with regular clay so that you get the hang of being at the wheel, while the second piece will be made with the special blue marble clay, which comes in two shades - a soft pastel blue and a deeper tone of cobalt blue. 

Already a hobbyist potter? You can also get your hands on Arudio’s gorgeous blue marble clay by signing up for their regular studio sessions in May. Each three-hour session is at $300 per person, and you can buy them in packs of 5 or 10.

Read on for our experience at Arudio pottery studio! 

The entrance to Arudio’s Macpherson studio. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

It’s not difficult to understand the appeal of pottery, which many Singaporeans seemed to have picked up during the pandemic. There’s just something therapeutic about working with your hands, plus there’s a certain sense of achievement when you’re eating or drinking out of the bowls and mugs you’ve made yourself. 

Seeing that it was my first pottery class, I had zero clue on what to expect. But I knew I was in good hands the minute I stepped into Arudio’s newest studio in Macpherson, which just opened last November. Upon first glance, the spacious pottery studio felt more like an alfresco cafe, with furnishings in earthy neutral tones and plenty of natural light streaming in through the open windows.

Inside Arudio. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

After a warm welcome by our instructor Dana, my partner and I were ready to get down and dirty. I’ve been told that clay isn’t the easiest medium to work with, but the trial class is extremely beginner-friendly. It also helped that Dana patiently walked us through each step and was always ready to step in whenever we needed help. 

What I really liked about Arudio is there’s no shame if you make mistakes here. Both my partner and I screwed up on the first try, but Dana assured us that we could always start over with a new ball of clay if needed. And trust us - you will make mistakes, so it’s extra reassuring to know that the studio and its staff are all so helpful.

GirlStyle SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I went into the class not expecting much because I’m neither artistically inclined nor particularly skilful with my hands. But lo and behold, at the end of the three hours, my partner and I produced two mugs, a vase and a bowl. A pretty productive session for a couple of first-timers, if you ask us!

Our works and some pieces helpfully demonstrated by Dana.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Both my partner and I particularly enjoyed working with the marble clay for two reasons. First, the abstract patterns on the clay were mesmerising to watch, especially when you’re working on the wheel. Secondly, your marble clay piece will truly be one of a kind. No two balls of clay will produce the exact same marbling pattern because the clay is specially handmade by the studio. How the marbling effect will turn out also depends on the shape of the vessel and how much scraping you do at the end. 

After letting our handcrafted ceramics dry, it was time to add the finishing touches and stamp our names and the date at the bottom. Arudio will then help us to glaze and fire the pieces in the kiln, and they will be ready for collection in 6 to 8 weeks. Do note that only transparent glazing will be provided for pieces made with marble clay - after all, you wouldn’t want to cover up all that beautiful marbling! 

Our blue marble pieces after glazing and firing.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Thinking of signing up for this date slash bonding session with your partner? Our advice would be to dress comfortably in clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting some clay on. But more importantly, let loose, have fun and don’t be afraid of making mistakes, because the studio and its friendly staff are always there to help! 

Make your booking here.

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Address: LTC Building C, 14 Arumugam Road, #08-07, Singapore 409959