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Whack-Yu Yakiniku Review: New Lava Stone BBQ In A Coffee Shop Has Affordable Set Meals From $7.50

Whack-Yu Yakiniku Review: New Lava Stone BBQ In A Coffee Shop Has Affordable Set Meals From $7.50

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By Karmen on 03 Apr 2022
Digital Editor

Singapore has no shortage of affordable yakiniku options, including the popular chain restaurants Yakiniku-GO and Yakiniku Like. But if you're craving a new experience and live around the Bishan and Thomson area, there's a Japanese BBQ joint that's worth adding to your calendar - Whack-Yu Yakinku.


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Whack-Yu Yakiniku has just reopened their stall at Midview City's coffee shop located a 10-minute walk from Upper Thomson MRT Station.

Whack-Yu Yakiniku storefrontPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

What's different about this establishment is that they offer barbecue on a lava stone, which is known for its even heat distributing properties.

4896 platter and lava stone grill at Whack-Yu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're willing to brave the heat, head over during lunch time to enjoy their value-for-money Lunch Sets available from 11am to 3pm. There's a choice of Chicken ($7.50), Pork ($7.50), Beef ($9.50) and a mix of all three meats ($11.90). Each set comes with Japanese rice, miso soup and onsen egg. However, as the coffee shop is located in an office building, expect some crowd during the lunch hour on weekdays.

For a bigger feast, order one of their platters. There's the Whack-Yu 96 ($24.90) which comes with tiger prawns, squid, salmon, chicken, pork belly, cha shu and assorted vegetables.


Meat lovers can go for the Whack-Yu 4896 ($48.90) which is like an upsized portion plus wagyu beef cubes, wagyu karubi and short plate. The portion was enough for two of us, but those with smaller appetites could probably share it between 3 to 4 people.

4896 platter at Whack-Yu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Lava stone Japanese BBQ at Whack-Yu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The barbecue is served with two dipping sauces, one salty and another on the sweeter side.

Dipping sauces at Whack-Yu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

As expected, the lava stone grill was easy to work with and the ingredients cooked evenly and had a lovely charred taste. Although the food portion was on the small side, every item on the platter delivered in quality and freshness. Highlights include the juicy wagyu beef cubes, tender beef slices and sweet tiger prawns.

Tiger prawn on lava stone BBQ grill - Whack-Yu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Wagyu Beef Cubes at Whack-Yu Yakiniku SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


We also enjoyed their sides, including the Aburi Tamago Cheese ($3.50), Onsen Egg ($1.50) and Edamame ($1.50). The latter two also come in truffle-flavoured options.

Aburi Tamago Cheese, Truffle Onsen Egg and Truffle Edamame at Whack-Yu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

For the month of April, Whack-Yu Yakiniku is having a promotion where you can order a plate of wagyu beef for $2 (U.P.: $9.90) with every platter purchased.

If you have a low tolerance for hot weather, it's best to avoid this coffee shop during the day. I dined at noon and the combined forces of sunlight and the heat from the lava stone made for an uncomfortable, sweaty affair.

Whack-Yu Yakiniku
Address: Midview City, 18 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573960 (10-min walk from Upper Thomson MRT, bus from Bishan & Marymount⁣⁣ MRT)
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 11am - 3pm & 5 - 1pm, Sun: 5 - 10pm
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