Don't Skip This One Important Step If You Want Your Makeup To Look Flawless

Don't Skip This One Important Step If You Want Your Makeup To Look Flawless

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By Sophie Hong on 14 Feb 2022
Senior Editor

When it comes to makeup, it’s literally different strokes for different folks - like how there are different ways to draw winged eyeliner. That said, there are some basic universal truths, one of which is this: the key to flawless makeup is well-prepped skin

By priming your skin with all that nourishing goodness from your skincare products, you’re creating a smooth canvas that’ll allow makeup to apply, blend and stay better. Not sure where or how to start? We got makeup artist Airin Lee, who is also the co-founder of ARLY, to share some basics you should know. 

Read on for her tips! 

Airin Lee, makeup artist and co-founder of ARLY.Photo from @imairinn/Instagram

#1 Let your skincare products absorb fully before applying makeup

One mistake that people often make with makeup is rushing through it. The same goes for skincare before makeup - your skin needs time to absorb the products. Otherwise, the layers of skincare are just going to be sitting on your skin and will cause your makeup to melt as you go about your day.

#2 Use a hyaluronic serum or calming serum to prime your skin


Never skip the serum! “When your skin is well-nourished, it’ll plump up,” explains Airin. This allows the foundation to apply smoothly with a natural-looking finish. For those with textured or sensitive skin, try a hyaluronic or calming serum - it’ll make a world of difference! 

#3 Try mixing your foundation with a skincare product

Experiencing some skin sensitivity? One trick Airin employs is to add a pump of calming serum to the foundation - that way, your skin gets coverage and soothed at the same time. She also advises going for a gel-based moisturiser that is suitable for sensitive skin. 

#4 Pay attention to your skin condition!

It is never a one-size-fits-all approach with skincare, so it’s important that you know your skin - and what products work for it - well. “What works for others may not be suitable for you,” Airin explains. And even if you’ve got your pre-makeup skincare routine down pat, know that you might have to make some adjustments to it every now and then.

“Skin has its own seasons, so it’s important to set aside two different routines based on how your skin feels that day,” adds Airin. 

Follow Airin on Instagram here. Airin is also a judge for GirlStyle Favourites 2022, an annual beauty award that celebrates our favourite beauty brands and products - from skincare to makeup to haircare. See all of this year’s winners for GirlStyle Favourites here

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