4 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen Every Day, Even When You’re Indoors

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen Every Day, Even When You’re Indoors

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By Sophie Hong on 24 Jan 2022
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Sunscreen is an integral part of any skincare routine, especially when you live in a sunny tropical country like Singapore. And just because you’re staying indoors all-day isn’t a good excuse for you to skip sunscreen either - UV rays are present as long as there’s natural light and UVA rays, which have a longer wavelength, can penetrate even through glass windows. 

And yes, you’d still need to wear sunscreen even when the skies are cloudy. Dark clouds don’t block UVA or UVB rays, so the sun exposure can still damage your skin even don’t you might not feel it.

Read on for 4 very good reasons why you should be wearing sunscreen daily! 

#1 It prevents skin cancer

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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation in the US, daily use of an SPF15 or higher sunscreen reduces the risk of developing skin cancer-causing cells by 40% to 50%. These cancer-causing cells are a common result of sustained UV damage, which is why you definitely need adequate sun protection, even when you’re indoors. 

#2 Sunscreen protects your skin from premature ageing

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If you’ve ever gotten sunburnt before, you’d know that the sun can do quite some damage to your skin, even if the exposure was only for a few hours. This damage, called photoaging, doesn’t always result in a sunburn. It can happen in the deepest layers of your skin and show up again years later as visible damage such as wrinkles, broken capillaries, rough skin texture and more. 

And yeap, you guessed it - these visible signs of sun damage can make your skin look aged, which is why beauty experts recommend not skipping sunscreen, or else you’d just be undoing all the work of your multi-step skincare routine! 

#3 It can help to improve your complexion

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The formulation for sunscreens is getting more sophisticated. Besides providing you with adequate protection from UVA and UVB rays, some sunscreens also come with added skincare benefits so that your skin stays healthy and radiant. 

For instance, Astalift’s D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++ is backed by Fujifilm’s unique proprietary technology of D-UV Guard+, which helps to protect your skin even against the longest UVA wavelength. It also comes with added ingredients like vitamin C, deep-sea algae and skullcap root extracts to nourish and brighten skin. So not only will dull or pigmented skin be protected from further damage, but the sunscreen can also help to restore radiance and even out your complexion! 

#4 It prevents inflammation

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Exposure to UVB rays causes redness and itching, so if you’re dealing with persistent acne, breakouts or rosacea, then all the more you should be using sunscreen every day. Astalift’s D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++ ultra-lightweight and oil-free formula makes it suitable for those who want all-day protection without having to worry about greasiness or clogged pores. Perfect for all skin types!

Astalift D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++

Astalift D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++, $72.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

One unique feature of this broad-spectrum sunscreen is that it has stretchable deep UV protection. What it means is that the product stretches with your skin every time you smile, talk or make any expression, providing complete UV coverage without cracking over your facial lines.

The formula is also water and sweat-resistant, which is certainly helpful in Singapore’s weather. And thanks to its light cream texture, the sunscreen is super easy to reapply, even over makeup, without any smudging or creasing. 

The UV sensory cap turns purple when exposed to UV light.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Speaking of, do you know that you need to be reapplying sunscreen every two hours? Astalift’s D-UV Clear White Solution comes with a UV sensory cap, which turns purple when in contact with UV light, to remind you about reapplication. How handy is that? 

Astalift D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++ is retailing for $72 here.

Astalift WhiteShield Drink

Astalift WhiteShield Drink, $50 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Give your skin the nutrients it needs to fight off UV damage naturally with Astalift WhiteShield Drink. One 50ml bottle contains 1,200mg of vitamin C and 1,000mg of pure collagen to keep your body’s immune system functioning at its peak while boosting your skin’s ability to repair itself and maintain optimal skin health. 

A bottle a day will help to provide protection against the common cold, maintain a healthy digestive system and fight off premature signs of ageing due to sun damage - it really doesn’t get any more convenient than this! 

Besides its moisturising, brightening and firming effects, Astalift WhiteShield Drink also reduces the oxidative damage caused by UV exposure with 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin, an ingredient exclusive to Astalift. Astaxanthin is found naturally in microalgae. It is a food source for salmon and flamingoes and is what gives them their beautiful pink hue. It is also one of the most powerful antioxidants used in skincare. 

Each bottle contains 1,200mg of vitamin C, 1,000mg of pure collagen and 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

When absorbed, this component can help your skin to fight off the harmful effects of UV including cell damage and premature skin ageing caused by sun exposure - just think of it as a sunscreen that works from the inside out! Drink one bottle every morning, best served chilled. 

Astalift WhiteShield Drink is retailing at $50 for a box of 10 x 50ml bottles here.
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