Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Stylish couple jewellery with special meaning behind them

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Stylish couple jewellery with special meaning behind them

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By Sophie Hong on 25 Jan 2022
Senior Editor

Jewellery has always been seen as a sign of love and commitment. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve rounded up some classic and contemporary jewellery that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve. Bookmark this page, so if your partner asks you what you want for Valentine’s Day this year, you can always just show them this! 

And hey - if you’re the type who doesn’t mind taking initiative, go ahead and get matching jewellery to surprise your other half with come 14 February! 

Scroll down to see some couple-themed jewellery that would make for great Valentine’s Day gifts in 2022!

Padlock & Key Dangle Charm, Pandora

Photo from Pandora

If you already have a Pandora charm bracelet, then the new Padlock & Key Dangle Charm would be the perfect addition this Valentine’s Day. The charm has two parts - the padlock and the key. You can choose to keep both on your bracelet or pass the key to your boyfriend so that he’s the only one who can unlock the padlock on your wrist. Nawwwwww. 

And if you don’t have a Pandora charm bracelet? Now seems like a good time to start dropping hints for one. The Padlock & Key Dangle Charm is available in sterling silver ($99), 14k gold-plated ($149) and 14k rose gold-plated ($129).

Get it here.

Tiffany T Ring, Tiffany & Co.

Photo from Tiffany & Co.

For couples who lean towards a more classic style, the Tiffany T narrow ring in 18K white gold ($1,600) would be the perfect fit. The iconic Tiffany T is instantly recognisable, and with such bold and clean lines, it’ll pair seamlessly with a wide range of outfits and accessories for both him and her. 

Engravable bracelets, The Mindful Company

Photo from The Mindful Company

If there’s a word or a phrase that holds a special significance for both of you, why not have it engraved on matching bracelets? Over at The Mindful Company, there’s a small range of bracelets (braids, gemstones and cords) starting from $58 that comes with free engraving - just choose a font, let them know what you’d like to inscribe and they’ll take care of the rest!

Get it here.


Love Bracelet, Cartier

Photo from Cartier

Ever wondered why the Cartier Love Bracelet is so sought-after? Created specifically for couples by designer Aldo Cipullo, this jewellery symbolises love and commitment in the most literal way. The unisex bracelet’s oval shape adheres very closely to the wearer’s wrist, and can only be unlocked with a special screwdriver. You’re meant to give the screwdriver to your other half for safekeeping, and as such, can only remove the bracelet with their help. 

Love Locket Necklace, By Invite Only

Photo from By Invite Only

Love lockets are so cute, but if you don’t want to wear a photo of bae around your neck like a lovesick girlfriend from the previous century (we have Instagram for that now), then why not have one that is embellished with a bit of sparkle instead? These modern love lockets (from $59) from By Invite Only are perfect for everyday wear, and are made without any nickel, lead or cadmium that can irritate sensitive skin. 

Bespoke jewellery, MADLY

Photo from MADLY

So you want something that is custom-made and completely unique. We get it - there’s a lot to be said about being involved in your jewellery’s design process, where you can work in design elements that hold special meaning to you and your partner. Try local jewellery brand MADLY - their specialisation is in eclectic, custom-made fine jewellery that features the top 0.1% gemstones. Read more about them here

Diamond jewellery, Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

Photo from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

Hey, there's a reason why they say diamonds are a girl's best friend right? Diamonds have long been associated with steadfast love, perhaps because of their hardness, brilliance and sparkle. You cannot go wrong with choosing diamond jewellery to represent your love! If you're shopping around for Valentine's Day, try Diamond Industries Jewellery Company at Telok Banglah, which carries exquisite diamond jewellery at pocket-friendly prices. Read more about them here.

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