UNICAT Cat-Themed Makeup & Skincare Products You Can Shop Online In Singapore

UNICAT Cat-Themed Makeup & Skincare Products You Can Shop Online In Singapore

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By Karmen on 23 Jan 2022
Digital Editor

Taiwanese brand UNICAT has products that will speak to all cat-loving beauty junkies out there. Their range of cruelty free cosmetics and skincare feature adorable cat packaging!

Keep reading to check them out!

UNICAT Face-Changing Cat Milk Skin Mask
Photo from UNICAT

The mask with the pink packaging has an intensive brightening effect with pearl extract, French rose water and ceramide.

The one with a kitty and a blue backdrop holds a moisturising sheet mask that keeps the skin plump while minimising the appearance of pores. It contains hydrating ingredients like honey essence, red algae and Centalla asiatica.

Made with rice fibre, each mask holds 30ml of serum so the skin is deeply saturated in all that skincare goodness.

UNICAT Revitalizing Face Mask cat paw-shaped edition
Photo from UNICAT

This cat paw-shaped sachet contains a concentrated revitalising mask that moisturises the skin and promotes its natural recovery function.

It has a lightweight formula which can be easily absorbed into the skin, making it more supple and radiant.  Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid for hydration, Bulgarian rose and Japanese sake for anti-aging and brightening benefits, and Centella asiatica + North American witch hazel to soothe and repair sensitive.

UNICAT Face-Changing Cat Hand Cream Gift Box
Photo from UNICAT

This set of three hand creams comes in adorable packaging featuring cats dressed in traditional Chinese garments. Choose from three scents: sandalwood, jasmine and ylang-ylang.


UNICAT Loose Setting & Matte Finish Mineral Powder
Photo from @a_li_makeup via Instagram

This ultra-fine powder foundation has excellent oil absorption properties which make makeup last longer. It also gives the complexion a bright glow.

UNICAT Vitamin E Nourishing Lip Balm
Photo from UNICAT

This lip balm is a tempting purchase just based on packaging alone but also has plenty of skincare benefits.

Light in texture yet deeply nourishing, this lip balm provides lasting hydration while protecting the skin barrier. It's formulated with ingredients like avocado to smoothen, red pomegranate to brighten dull lips, Matricaria flower extract to soothe and moisturise, and vitamins E and B6 to soften lips and reduce lip wrinkles.

UNICAT Fresh Breath Spray Peach Mint and Lemon
Photo from UNICAT

These mouth sprays will come in handy after a meal with garlic and onion. They eliminate odours and leave the mouth feeling minty fresh, as well as improve oral health.

There are three flavours to choose from: peach, lemon and mint.

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