McDonald's Singapore Turns Up The Heat With New Peri Peri McShaker Fries

McDonald's Singapore Turns Up The Heat With New Peri Peri McShaker Fries

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By Jean on 30 Dec 2021
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Singaporeans are no novices when it comes to the consumption of spicy food and McDonald's Singapore is back to turn up the heat with its newest Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries!

Read on to find out more about McDonald's new Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries!

Available from 30 December 2021, the new McShaker powder is a blend of paprika, parsley flakes and other herbs and spices with citrusy undertones that'll create an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries and McSpicy
Photo from McDonald's Singapore

Tantalise your tastebuds with the Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries from $3.50 a la carte or opt to add it on in an Extra Value Meal for $0.80.

2x Value Meal: McSpicy, Chicken McCrispy, Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries, and 2 Medium Coke
Photo from McDonald's Singapore


As the saying goes, food tastes better when shared! Grab a friend who loves spicy food and indulge in the 2x Value Meal from $17.70 that comes with two sets of Upsized Extra Value Meals including: 1x McSpicy, 1x Chicken McCrispy, 2x Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries (L), and 2x Coke Original Taste less Sugar (M).

The Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker Fries is available at McDonald's restaurants islandwide and via McDelivery, GrabFood and foodpanda.

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