New One-Stop Beauty Salon Offers Facial & Body Treatments, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Removal Services & More!

New One-Stop Beauty Salon Offers Facial & Body Treatments, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Removal Services & More!

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By Sophie Hong on 05 Dec 2021
Senior Editor

When it comes to choosing a beauty salon, there are a few factors to take into consideration: the services they offer, level of service they provide, products used, price point, accessibility and so on. 

The newly-opened Especial Beaute at Clarke Quay Central checks all those boxes, especially for those who are looking for a one-stop shop that services all of their beauty needs - from facial treatments to various body treatments and even hair removal!

The salon also has a no hard-selling policy, so you don’t have to worry about being pressured into signing up for a package that you aren’t 100% comfortable with.

Read on for a list of services that Especial Beaute provides, as well as their special opening promotion!

Facial Services + Facial Treatments

Try the signature aromatherapy facial treatment at Especial Beaute.Photo from Especial Beaute

Sometimes, you just need a good facial done by a professional to get to the root cause of your skin troubles. The wide range of facial services offered at Especial Beaute helps to target specific skin woes, including acne, dull skin, signs of ageing, pigmentation and so on. 

Not sure which one to go for? Their experienced consultants will start you off with a skin analysis first, then proceed to an appropriate facial service. No matter which one you go for - be it the Aromatherapy Facial or the Antioxidant Treatment - you’ll get a deep pore cleansing, extraction and a soothing massage, on top of the facial. 

Especial Beaute also has targeted treatments, such as the Soothing Eye Meridien to help get rid of tired eyes.Photo from Especial Beaute

Especial Beaute also offers facial treatments with targeted therapies for specific skin concerns. For instance, the Soothing Eye Meridien utilises TCM massage techniques, together with jade massage tools, to get rid of tired, puffy eyes and dark eye circles. Notice some hyperpigmentation after a breakout? Try the Korean Luminiscence, which uses LED light therapy to reduce discolouration and inflammation. 

Especial Beaute only uses organic European skincare products.Photo from Especial Beaute

FYI, the beauty salon uses only organic European skincare, and all of its products and services are dermatologist-approved and formulated for all skin types. Their selection of beauty products includes natural and organic ingredients with no animal extracts, synthetics, silicones or colourants, and without any dilution of active ingredients.

Body Massages + Treatments

Body treatments available at Especial Beaute has got you covered from head to toe.Photo from Especial Beaute

Whether it’s strain, tension, backne or even menstrual cramps, Especial Beaute has a body treatment that will have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The Neck Treatment is great if you work an office job and suffer from neck strain, while the Ovary Treatment purportedly encourages better blood circulation in the cervix and uterus, and helps to alleviate bloating and water retention caused by PMS. 

Hair Removal, Eyelash Extensions & More

Especial Beaute also does lash, hair removal and even underarm whitening services.Photo from Especial Beaute

As a one-stop beauty shop, Especial Beaute also offers a whole range of beauty services. Their hair removal services include optimal pulsed light (OPT) laser removal and waxing, and there’s also a non-invasive underarm whitening treatment.

Looking to cut down on your morning routine? Go for their eyelash extension or eyelash perming services which give you a natural, “I woke up like this” look. 

And if work has been stressing you out, try their head sculpting (aka Gua Sha) service. Besides helping to get rid of fluid build-up and reducing puffiness, it’ll also help to get rid of all the muscle knots and tension in your body. You’ll step out of the salon feeling a lot lighter!

3-in-1 Facial Treatment for just $99!

Book your 3-in-1 Facial Treatment at Especial Beaute for only $99!Photo from Especial Beaute

For a limited time only, Especial Beaute is offering first-time customers the Especial 3-in-1 Facial Treatment for just $99 (U.P. $474)!

This special 2-hr treatment includes their Signature Aroma Facial Therapy, Soothing Meridien Eye Treatment (Bojin), and Head Sculpting Treatment (Gua Sha). It entails a skin analysis first to determine which essential oils and products to use on your face. After the facial, the therapist will move on to the eye treatment, followed by the application of a special hydrating face mask with real rose petals for plumping and brightening. 

The pampering session ends with a relaxing shoulder massage and head sculpting treatment, to relieve you of any leftover tension or stress. Sounds like something you deserve for all of your hard work this year, no? 

To book your Especial Beaute 3-in-1 Facial Treatment, call 6979 7211 or WhatsApp 9277 7211. 

Especial Beaute is at #04-66 Clarke Quay Central.Photo from Especial Beaute

Especial Beaute
Location: #04-66 Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, S059817