These Best-Selling Korean Yoga Leggings Solve 5 Common Problems, Like Camel Toe, Muffin Top & Hot Sweats

These Best-Selling Korean Yoga Leggings Solve 5 Common Problems, Like Camel Toe, Muffin Top & Hot Sweats

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By Sophie Hong on 28 Nov 2021
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Finding the perfect pair of yoga tights can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Some are too thick for Singapore’s weather, while others either give you a camel toe or cut off at an awkward length for Asian women. 

If you’re still searching for your holy grail yoga leggings that fit you just right, try Mulawear, Korea’s top activewear brand known for its highly-popular yoga leggings. Newly available in Singapore, you can now try on the “miracle leggings” for yourself at #02-22/23 Mandarin Gallery and #02-K02 Funan, or shop online via their website or official Lazada store.

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Read on for 5 common problems faced by Singaporean women when wearing yoga tights, and how Mulawear addresses all of these issues!

#1 Wearing and tearing your yoga leggings after a short period of time

If you’re the active type who does back-to-back workout sessions and exercise on a daily basis, chances are, you’re giving your gym gear a good workout too. You’ll need yoga leggings that work as hard as you do, and Mulawear’s highly-rated leggings are made to last for 6 years, compared to the average lifespan of 6 months, which earned it a following in Korea with some referring to it as “miracle leggings”

Mulawear's yoga leggings are extremely durable and can last for 6 years.Photo from Mulawear

Yes, you read that right. Mulawear’s leggings are extremely durable - the brand developed its own thread that stretches and shrinks with the leggings, prolonging its lifespan, and even came up with a specialised sewing method called the Bar Tack, which is used in high-motion areas with a double hem stitch to prevent tearing. 

#2 The weather is too hot for full-coverage yoga leggings

New Noble Leggings in Ash Rose, $72Photo from Mulawear

There’s a reason why t-shirt and shorts is the de facto outfit for Singaporeans - our hot and humid weather makes it uncomfortable to be wearing anything more. With Mulawear however, you can saunter off to brunch right after yoga in the same pair of leggings, thanks to the breathable yet sweat-proof fabric it’s made of. 

#3 Yoga tights give you an unflattering muffin top, VPL or camel toe

Vapor Leggings in Wave Green, $109Photo from Mulawear

A good pair of yoga tights allows us a wide range of movement comfortably. A great pair of yoga tights, however, does that and so much more. If you’ve ever stopped wearing a pair of yoga leggings because of a visible panty line or camel toe, rest assured that you won’t encounter them with Mulawear’s leggings. Also, the waistband of the leggings is designed in a way that won’t dig into your waist and give you the appearance of a muffin top. Now you get why it’s so popular in Korea? 

#4 Yoga tights from certain brands don’t fit you properly because they are not designed for Asian women

Asian women tend to have a different build compared to our Western counterparts, so naturally, certain yoga tights from foreign brands might not be the best fit for us - whether in terms of height, sizing or cutting.

Mulawear leggings are designed for Asian body types.Photo from Mulawear

With its factory in Korea, Mulawear’s leggings are designed with Asian women in mind, resulting in a better fit compared to Western brands. You can definitely find a pair of tights that suits your height and contours around your curves snugly, without compromising on movement or comfort.

#5 You can’t pair your yoga leggings with the rest of your wardrobe

It’s a hassle to keep changing in and out of gym clothes, and to be honest, if we were able to wear the same outfit for work, rest and play, we’d definitely be showing up on our yoga mats a lot more often. 

Adagio Leggings in Mist Grey, $110Photo from Mulawear

As the biggest player in Korea’s athleisure scene, Mulawear’s yoga leggings come in a wide variety of designs and colours, with the intention of fitting seamlessly in with the rest of your wardrobe. They are so comfortable that you might even find yourself lounging in these stylish and functional leggings! 

Mulawear: High-quality yoga leggings at an affordable price

Curve Short Leggings in Muld Grape, $96Photo from Mulawear

We know what you’re going to ask next - these leggings sound amazing, but how much do they cost? Mulawear’s leggings range from $72 - $122, which is pretty accessible for its quality and durability. Let’s say you buy a pair of $122 leggings from Mulawear and wear them for 6 years - that works out to you paying just $20.30 per year for this pair of leggings. 

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