Celebs Who Have Kissed And Made Up After Huge Fights!

Celebs Who Have Kissed And Made Up After Huge Fights!

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By GirlStyle on 10 Aug 2018

Now that the conflict between Hong Hui Fang and Pan Ling Ling has (kinda) died down, both sides have not since mentioned any chances of a reconciliation. #sad

Hong Hui Fang previously renounced their friendship with a 1000-word message to their friends. However she was last heard saying that,  "nothing is impossible, we will see!" when asked if they would ever bury the hatchet.

Here are 4 more celeb duos who have had major feuds, companied by cold war/silence lasting for more then a decade, who have finally decided to make good with each other.  Maybe this means there's a chance for Hong Hui Fang and Pan Ling Ling too!




  1. Hong Hui Fang and Chen Xiuhuan (Sherry Tan)




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Hong Hui Fang...Again?



Somewhere in the 90s, the pair had a major misunderstanding due to what a third party had said. They stopped talking to each other completely and Xiu Huan snubbed Hui Fang when the latter went to her place to apologise and make peace.


It was fellow BFF Zoey Tay who helped them to bury the Hatchet and build the bridge again after 10 years.



Xiu Huan mentioned, "If not for that misunderstanding, our relationship wouldn't be as good. Now, no one can come between us or even affect our friendship." Judging from how chummy the two look now, we think that sometimes it's good to have a huge tiff too!




2. Show Luo and Jay Chou




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In 2005, Show Luo sided with Jolin Tsai when Jay Chou two timed her. Jay was apparently unhappy about that. Their friendship took a turn for the worse when Show had apparently spread rumours about Jay and Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien. After which the duo did not contact or speak to each other for years.



In, 2016 at the Hitto Music Award, Show and Jay took a picture together. Show wrote about the picture saying, "Us. All grown up!" Indeed showing that time does heal all wounds and putting an end to their feud.






3. Jacky Wu and Jay Chou




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In 2002 when Jacky sold off his record label, Alfa Music, due to financial difficulties, Jay who was under Jacky's label was unhappy about this move.
The unhappiness between the pair grew when Jacky gossiped about Jay's past relationship with Jolin Tsai to the media when he was dating Patty Hou.



Since that day they were never seen in public and Jacky was not invited to Jay's wedding despite them being super close previously.


In 2018, Jay posted a picture of Jacky rehearsing for his upcoming concert with his bandmates and wished him all the best. Later he sent a card saying: "I'll never forget my roots, and our bond will never change."



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What a huge change of heart indeed!




4. Jackie Chan and Anita Yuen







In 1995, Anita was casted as Jackie’s co-star in Hong Kong racing movie Thunderbolt.

The action superstar was unhappy with her for her bad attitude. He demanded for a change of actress and complained against Anita. The two never spoke to each other or worked with each other ever again.



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Years later, in 2017 when Anita went to a dinner arranged by Eric Tsang after hearing that Jackie was going too. She took the initiative to apologise for her previous bad behaviour and asked for forgiveness. In addition, she gave him a present! The pair finally made peace after more then 20 years later!



So it looks like sometimes there's still hope for our feuding celebs! Perhaps as they say, all we need is time.

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