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Why The New Apple Watch Is A Great Xmas Gift For Those Who Want To Be Healthier

Why The New Apple Watch Is A Great Xmas Gift For Those Who Want To Be Healthier

Tech & Gadgets
By Sophie Hong on 06 Nov 2021
Senior Editor

“Covid-19 has turned me into a couch potato,” I lamented to my partner just a month ago. In my defence, I’ve been WFH for almost two years now. My morning commute has drastically shortened - from an hour to 10 seconds, the time it takes for me to shuffle from my bedroom to my home office. 


And with the various adjustments to gym restrictions, plus a 10-day quarantine order thanks to a positive covid case in my household, I’ve given up on trying to maintain any semblance of a workout routine. 

Without a doubt, the pandemic has altered my lifestyle significantly. Before covid, I wore a fitness tracker and diligently made sure that I hit my 10,000 steps every day. I popped by the office gym twice a week and went to the yoga studio almost every weekend. These days, I’m too lazy to even walk across the living room to get myself a glass of water from the kitchen. 

I took off my fitness tracker halfway through last year’s circuit breaker because the stats were just too depressing to look at. But with the launch of the latest Apple Watch Series 7, which comes with a whole bunch of new health and wellness features, I thought it’ll be a good time to try and get back to my pre-pandemic fitness and health levels.

Read on for some of my favourite features of the new Apple Watch, and how it got me to start leading a healthier lifestyle! 

#1 Activity rings 

One of my favourite features of the Apple Watch is the activity rings. There are three rings: red for Move, green for Exercise and blue for Stand. I soon became obsessed with “closing the rings”, which means I’ve hit my Activity goals for the day. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Review_fitness_activity_ringsPhoto from Apple


The watch makes things really easy for you too - with my rings on display, I get to see how much I’ve moved for the day and I get notifications to stand if I’ve sat around for an hour without moving. 

I’ve used activity trackers before, but the novelty of hitting your goals wears out fast. What sustained my interest are the awards that I can earn, as well as competitions with my friends who also have an Apple Watch. It also prompts me to continue my workout plan and suggests adjustments to my fitness plans and goals, so that they are achievable and I don’t feel as defeated. It's almost as if I have a personal trainer condensed in a watch, albeit one that can’t correct my form.

I’ve also downloaded the LumiHealth app, which syncs up with my Apple Watch to keep track of my fitness and health plans and earn rewards - like $380 worth of eVouchers over two years. 

#2 All the important information at a glance 

The Series 7 has by far, the largest Apple Watch retina display ever, which means I can fit a lot of information on my watch face. I personally prefer the Modular watch face - I customised it to show the date, time, battery life, my heart rate and the progress of my activity rings.

Apple Watch Series 7 Review_watch face modular

Call me a nerd, or call me lazy, but I really enjoy getting all the information I need by just glancing at my wrist. Unlike its predecessors, the Apple Watch Series 7 has an always-on display, so I no longer have to flick my wrist or tap the display to wake it up. 

Apple_watch-series7_qwerty keyboardPhoto from Apple


And because I’m using an iPhone, I’m alerted whenever I get a call or a message, even if I’m nowhere near my phone. And here’s the cool part - I can answer the call directly on my Apple watch, or reply to messages using the QWERTY keyboard. If you’re someone who needs to stay updated or contactable most of the time, this watch will definitely complement all your lifestyle needs. 

#3 Helpful health insights like blood oxygen levels and ECG

The Blood Oxygen app on the Apple Watch is more relevant than ever now. When a household member tested positive for covid, he was told to monitor his blood oxygen levels but the annoying thing was that we didn’t have a meter. We still don’t have one, but if I ever get covid, at least I know my watch is capable of helping me track this crucial indicator.

Apple_watch-series7_blood oxygenPhoto from Apple

Besides that, the watch is now also capable of taking an ECG. All you have to do is hold your finger on the crown of the watch for 30secs for a reading. The data will then be stored in your Health app on your iPhone, which you can then share with your healthcare provider if necessary.

Apple Watch Series 7 review_health_ecgPhoto from Apple

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I found the heart rate monitor feature extremely helpful. With that, I can easily monitor my heart rate (super useful when an anxiety attack is incoming) and also give my healthcare provider the necessary details - like when it happened, how long it lasted, etc. Previously I had to manually note all of these down, and there were instances where I forgot. Now, all the data I need is automatically recorded and stored in my Health app!

#4 Mindfulness app


Besides your physical health, the Apple Watch Series 7 also helps you with your mental health. Whenever I notice my heart rate escalating, I would launch the Breathe feature on the Mindfulness app and follow the visual breathing cues to slow my heart rate down.

Apple Watch Series 7 Review_mindfulnessPhoto from Apple

I’ve also set up daily reminders for a 1-minute reflection. Every morning, I get a notification to practice a minute of mindfulness - the watch gives me a prompt to reflect on and it helps to start the day with a clear headspace.

#5 Super fast charging, longer battery life

Another feature I appreciate about the Apple Watch Series 7 is its long battery life and fast charging. A full charge can last a day, and just 45 minutes is enough to charge the watch from 0 to 80%. My battery once died before a workout and all I needed was 15 minutes to get enough charge to make the watch last throughout my 1-hour session.  

Apple_watch-series7_lineupPhoto from Apple

So yes, if your new year’s resolution is to take better care of your physical and mental health, it might be worth getting an Apple Watch Series 7 as a gift to yourself this Christmas. Prices start from $599, available in aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. To see the full range of finishes and bands, visit the Apple Online Store here.

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