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New Japanese Beauty Brands In Singapore With Quality Skincare & Fragrances

New Japanese Beauty Brands In Singapore With Quality Skincare & Fragrances

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By Rachel Yohannan on 12 Oct 2021
Senior Digital Editor

The K-beauty industry might be ever-booming, but J-beauty is having its own moment right now. As we already know, the Japanese are lauded for their attention to detail and emphasis on quality - and their beauty products are highly sought after for this very reason. Here are some new Japanese beauty brands in Singapore to check out this 2021, with items including clean skincare suitable for sensitive skin, minimalist fragrances, as well as anti-ageing products that utilise a special plant stem cell technology.


Read on to find out more about the new Japanese beauty brands in Singapore!

#1: meeth - clean beauty that’s suitable for sensitive skin

meeth skincare SingaporePhoto from meeth

meeth made its debut in Singapore late last year, but more deserve to know about the goodness they have to offer. This clean beauty brand is kind to both your skin and the earth, with its gentle formulas infused with nutrient-rich Japanese mineral water and recyclable packaging made using sustainable paper and vegetable ink.

meeth Morerich Pack SingaporePhoto from meeth

One of their bestsellers is the Morerich Pack ($190 for 7 pieces), a carbonated gel mask that soothes, hydrates, refines pores, and firms up skin. It’s suitable for all types of skin including those prone to acne and dark spots, and it also helps stimulate collagen production for bouncy “mochi skin”.

meeth skincare SingaporePhoto from meeth


Another item to check out is one of their newest launches, the soothing Ceraderma Essence ($165). Made specially for sensitive skin, it’s created using a blend of 5 ceramides that help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and combat ill-effects of pollutants. They also have a Reviewlash ($95) eyelash serum and F Bright UV Base ($70) 3-in-1 sunblock, makeup primer, and skincare, among other products.


#2: SHOLAYERED - bath products and fragrances for body and hair 

SHOLAYERED Hand & Body Wash SingaporePhoto from SHOLAYERED

Primarily a fragrance brand, SHOLAYERED was first launched in Tokyo in 2013. What makes them stand out from other perfumery brands is the fact that they skip the base notes, and instead focus on the top and middle notes.

While undeniably complicating the production process, this painstaking method creates a better balance of aromas that are delicate, calming, and don’t have an overwhelming emphasis on a single heady base - thus going in line with the Japanese concept of minimalism.

SHOLAYERED body spray SingaporePhoto from SHOLAYERED

It’s all things olfactory here, from unisex Body Spray in small 10ml vials ($20) or 100ml bottles ($59), to Room Diffusers ($44), as well as Crème de Cologne ($26), which is basically a perfume in cream form. Use it like how you would a regular perfume - dabbing it on pulse points such as the neck, wrists, and chest area - or have it double up as a hand moisturiser!


Signature scents include Lemon Peel, Olive Vodka, Orange Blossom, Fresh Pear, Sugar Lychee, and Mysterious Mix.

SHOLAYERED diffuser SingaporePhoto from SHOLAYERED

That aside are daily home and body care items such as Fabric Refresher ($29), Fabric & Mask Spray ($26), Fabric Softener ($28), and Hand & Body Wash ($46).

Stockists: Takashimaya, Walking On Sunshine
Website | Official Shopee Mall store

#3: LITS - anti-ageing face products powered by plant stem cells

LITS Moist skincare SingaporePhoto from LITS

Harnessing the power of plant stem cells is LITS, a dermatologist-approved skincare brand that comes in 3 different ranges to suit different skin needs: Moist for hydration and maintenance of youth, Revival to fight signs of ageing, and White to brighten dull skin. All of them are formulated to keep skin looking fresh and youthful, with their anti-ageing properties that help nourish the skin from inside-out and promote cell regeneration.

LITS Revival skincare SingaporePhoto from LITS

Their product ranges are comprehensive, with everything from basic face lotion to bubble sheet masks and booster balls for intense, concentrated hydration. Prices are mid-range; Some examples include the Moist Perfect Rich Gel at $29.90, White Dot Zero Cream to target dark spots at $49.90, and Revival EGF+ Overnight Serum at $59.90.

LITS White skincare SingaporePhoto from LITS

Stockists: Guardian, Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG
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