You Need To Try This Super Comforting Guangdong-style Congee Hotpot

You Need To Try This Super Comforting Guangdong-style Congee Hotpot

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By Sophie Hong on 17 Sep 2021
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Want to have hotpot, but tired of having the same things and soup bases over and over again? The next time your friends suggest hotpot in the groupchat on a particularly rainy day, get them to try Congee Legend, a porridge-based hotpot restaurant.

We got to try their porridge hotpot and we’ve got to say - it’s definitely value-for-money and we’ve never had hotpot like this before. This Guangdong-style steamboat will satisfy all your hotpot cravings and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Read on for our full review of Congee Legend’s porridge hotpot! 

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Unlike other hotpot spots, Congee Legend only has one soup base ($3 per pax): porridge water. We know what you’re thinking - porridge water hotpot sounds… bland. But once the contents in the claypot started boiling, the light fragrance of aromatic rice water and soup stock (which had been painstakingly simmered for hours!) gently wafted over us. 


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The recommended way to enjoy this congee hotpot to its fullest is to:

  1. Add in the seafood and remove when cooked 
  2. Then, add in the meat
  3. Toss in some vegetables 
  4. Finish off with the Signature Prawn Porridge ($4 per pax)

This way, you get to taste how the congee broth changes flavour with each type of ingredient. At the end of the meal, the flavourful broth is then used to cook the restaurant’s Signature Prawn Porridge.

Congee Legend Review_appetisers
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For starters, we had the Deep Fried Dough Bars With Cucumber ($5), which was delightfully crunchy. The slight tang of the spicy sauce helped to whet our appetites while we waited for the pot to boil. And for those who are fans of century egg, be sure to order the Century Egg Tofu ($5). The combination of fiery chilli padi, umami soy sauce and fragrant cilantro adds a nice spicy kick to this classic Chinese dish. 

Congee Legend Review_ seafood
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To enhance the flavour of the broth, we added some clams ($6) and crab ($22). The flesh of the crab was firm and came out of its pre-cracked shells pretty easily, so you don’t have to worry about things getting messy. For those who prefer something lighter, there’s also scallops ($8) and slices of batang fish ($9)

Congee Legend Review_ Kurobuta
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We also had the Kurobuta collar ($12), because let’s be honest - no hotpot experience is complete without thinly-sliced meat for shabu-shabu. The fatty slices of pork paired really well with Congee Legend’s special dipping sauce, which is a secret blend of herbs, spices and condiments. We promise you’ll end up asking for more! 

Congee Legend Review_ chicken
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Another stand-out meat item is the marinated chicken ($6). We don’t know what magic marinade they used, but the chicken slices turned out surprisingly flavoursome and tender. So while chicken might not be something that we usually order for hotpot, we’d highly recommend trying it out at Congee Legend

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We knew we were in for a treat when we ordered the Signature Prawn Porridge ($4 per pax) and a hotplate of glistening fried prawn heads arrived at our table. Again, the restaurant declined to reveal what it was fried with but we could smell the aromatics that were caramelised to perfection. Bonus: all the prawns were deshelled as well. 

Congee Legend Review_ Prawn Porridge
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The end result? A claypot full of rich prawn porridge, with each spoonful packing a sweet-yet-savoury punch. Remember to save some space for this! 

Congee Legend Review_ chicken pot
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If you’re looking for a spicier kick, try Congee Legend’s iteration of Chicken Pot ($27.90). The generous portions of meat vegetables in the pot is enough to feed 3 to 4 pax, and it’s served with a - you guessed it - piping hot bowl of congee. 

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The congee, in a lot of ways, was the perfect pairing to this spicy, tangy and aromatic chicken pot. It balances out the strong flavours and of course, hits all the right spots on a particularly cold and rainy day. 

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Takeaway and delivery options are also available. Customers can WhatsApp 91156524 for enquiries and orders. 

Congee Legend
Address: 6001 Beach Road, #01-52 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589
Opening hours: 5pm - 5am daily (last order at 4am)
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