3 Most Common Signs Of An Unhealthy Scalp & How This Treatment Improved My Scalp Woes

3 Most Common Signs Of An Unhealthy Scalp & How This Treatment Improved My Scalp Woes

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By Wei Yin on 02 Sep 2021
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Wondering why your tresses look limp and dull, or thinking about all the hair you lose with each wash? These could largely be due to your unhealthy scalp. Just like how properly prepped skin will allow better makeup application, the same goes for your scalp where a healthy scalp is the foundation for shinier and stronger locks. 

Here are three most common signs of an unhealthy scalp and if you tick any of the boxes, it's perhaps time to start doing something about it. Fret not though, because TK TrichoKare, a leading trichological centre established since 2004 in Singapore will be able to help with its customised European herbal hair remedies. 

Read on to find out more about the common signs of an unhealthy scalp and my review on the TK TrichoKare treatment!

#1 Flaking/dandruff

Flaking and dandruff on scalpPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

A telltale sign of an unhealthy scalp is flaking or dandruff. It doesn't only affect how your hair looks, but can also be detrimental to your self-confidence. One of the most common causes of dandruff is when excessive oil on the scalp clumps together and produces white flakes, or when your skin is dry and sensitive. While dandruff is mostly harmless, it can become a chronic condition.

#2 Itching

Itchy scalpPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another obvious sign of an unhealthy scalp is excessive itching, mostly commonly caused by dandruff, dryness or allergic reactions to certain products. Scratching your scalp to ease the itch will only do more harm than good, as it causes flakes to fall out and might even result in wounds! 

#3 Redness/stinging

Woman looking at her scalp in the mirrorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you notice red patches or bumps and a stinging sensation on your scalp, it's most likely irritated by sun exposure, harsh hair products like dyes and allergic reactions. These symptoms often get exacerbated when you go for frequent hair dyeing sessions or stay in the sun for long periods of time. 

My scalp woes & how they improved in one session after the TK TrichoKare treatment

Unfortunately, out of these three warning signs of an unhealthy scalp, I'm already dealing with two - itching and the occasional stinging sensation. The itching is caused by my overly dry scalp due to acne medications that I'm taking, while I would attribute the stinging sensation to dyeing my hair too frequently which has damaged my scalp's skin barrier. 

I jumped at the opportunity to try out TK TrichoKare's award-winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, as I knew my scalp was in need of some pampering. 

TK TrichoKare uses premium European herbal hair remedies that are customisable to each person's hair and scalp condition, the Trichology approach (scientific study relating to scalp and hair health), and the latest technology for an enjoyable session. 

Here's what went down at the treatment: 

Hair & scalp analysis

Hair and scalp analysis at TK TrichoKarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

After I filled in a form, the Trichologist/Hair & Scalp Specialist did an analysis for me using a lens (which is also called Tricho-scan) that magnifies up to 200 times. I got a clear view of my hair follicles and scalp, and was told that I had quite a bit of clogged pores and dead skin cells. 

A clean pore would usually show a distinct circular shape (similar to a hole) surrounding the hair, but mine was a far cry from that. There was also build-up surrounding the hair follicles. 

Although my scalp looked and felt dry to the touch, it was in fact still on the oilier side, no thanks to my dry scalp barrier which found itself overcompensating by producing more sebum.

Customised scalp masque 

Customised scalp masque at TK TrichoKarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next, I was ushered into a room with a plush cushion seat where the rest of the treatment took place. A premium European herbal scalp masque was then applied to my scalp and it would not be an exaggeration to say it was one of the most comfortable parts of the treatment! 

The masque helps to detox the scalp, effectively cleansing it of any impurities and excess sebum. It's also infused with peppermint for a soothing and cooling sensation. 

Scalp massage at TK TrichoKarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I was then given a scalp massage - this step helps the scalp to absorb all the goodness from the masque better.

Hair bath

Hair bath at TK TrichoKarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The masque got washed off after 10 minutes, where in-house products like shampoos and conditioners were used to restore the scalp's sebum balance. My Trichologist/Hair & Scalp Specialist took her time with this step, ensuring that it was a refreshing experience for me. 

Customised Ampoule & OxyJet 

Ampoule and OxyJet at TK TrichoKarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

My hair was then semi-dried before an ampoule was applied to my scalp. The ampoule was also customised and recommended according to my scalp and hair condition. It helps to increase hair growth and thickness, reduce inflammation and damage, and delay scalp ageing. 

Next, my Trichologist/Hair & Scalp Specialist used the OxyJet machine where pulses of oxygen got pushed through my scalp to accelerate the scalp's cell metabolism and improve blood circulation. It might sound intimidating, but it felt like mini massages for my scalp and was totally painless. 

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy at TK TrichoKarePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Lastly, an infrared machine shone red light onto my scalp and hair as the finishing touch. This laser light technology supports hair regeneration and helps accelerate healing.

Before & after the treatment

Before and after scalp analysisPhoto from TK TrichoKare

My scalp and hair felt so clean after the treatment and obvious results could be seen after just one session! 

In the "after" photos, my scalp looked a lot less oily (you can see that the surrounding area looked less murky) and there was no more build-up around my hair follicles. The "hole" or distinct circle surrounding each hair follicle was a lot clearer too. 

I did not feel any stinging sensation during the entire treatment, nor did my scalp itch for the rest of the day. I even spent the whole day out running errands and noticed that my scalp and hair were significantly less oily at the end of the day. 

Apart from the result, I also really enjoyed the entire treatment as it was invigorating and pampering. 

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We have good news for you if you are looking to try the TK TrichoKare Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment. Get one session of the treatment with a free hair care kit and ampoule (U.P. $745) at only $40 NETT!

Take note that it might not be suitable for pregnant women (kindly seek advice from your gynae if you would like to go for the treatment) and those below 20 years of age will require a parental companion.   

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