This Time-Saving Skincare Product Moisturises, Brightens & Treats Acne With Just A Quick Spray

This Time-Saving Skincare Product Moisturises, Brightens & Treats Acne With Just A Quick Spray

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By Karmen on 26 Aug 2021
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When life throws multiple responsibilities at you in your work and personal life, your beauty routine can inevitably take a back seat. But instead of skipping steps in your skincare routine, you can master the art of time-saving skincare with an all-in-one product.

Local beauty brand Rock & Herb has a highly raved, multi-purpose essence spray that will leave you feeling like you've pampered yourself to an elaborate skincare routine in just seconds.

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Founded in Singapore, Rock & Herb specialises in skincare using the finest bioactives and ingredients that are safe even for new mothers.

Their Perfecting Skin Essence Spray ($68) is particularly loved by the beauty community for its convenient, multi-purpose function to tackle just about any skin issue from acne and dullness to dryness and ageing. It can also be used not just on the face but the rest of the body too.

rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence SprayPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This all-in-one spray is jam packed with AHAs, niacinamide, witch hazel and biosulfur - some of the best skincare ingredients that are renowned for its efficacy.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are gentle exfoliants that get rid of dead skin cells which enhance the skin on several levels. Firstly, the complexion looks brighter and more even as it lightens pigmentation and acne scars. It also unclogs pores to reduce and prevent acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost the absorption of other skincare products.

The Rock & Herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray has not one but four botanical AHAs from tropical fruits: Ananas sativus, Citrus limonum, Passiflora edulis, Vitis vinifera. And unlike glycolic acid, which can have a drying effect for some, these AHAs help increase moisture content in the skin.

rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence SprayPhoto from Rock & Herb

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, also has multiple skin benefits covering acne, dryness, oiliness and ageing. It has anti-inflammatory benefits which helps calm redness, irritation and acne, especially inflamed acne like pustules. Niacinamide also helps strengthen the skin barrier which helps the skin retain moisture and regulate oil production as well as reduce the signs of ageing like pigmentation

Witch hazel and biosulfur are natural ingredients that fight bacterial-causing acne and odour. You don't have to worry about that rotten egg smell either as it contains colloidal biosulfur which doesn't have that scent.

This essence spray has helped streamline my morning routine and save so much time. I spray this on after cleansing my skin and instantly feel ready to start the day. Although the essence has a lightweight consistency, it's deeply moisturising and works as a replacement for my day cream. It has no discernible scent, which is a plus for my sensitive skin.

spraying rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray on facePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

It's also my go-to whenever my skin looks tired or has any sign of irritation. With a spritz, it immediately soothes redness and that dry, tight feeling. Within days of using this spray, there's already a noticeable improvement. My skin is smoother, brighter and gets less redness and breakouts.

After spraying it on my face, I work my way down to my neck, chest underarms and back. That's because this essence spray's moisturising and antibacterial effects also helps treat backne and body odour. It's easy to reach any part of the body, even the back, as the spray can spray works while held in multiple angles. If the strong scent of traditional deodorants is a turn-off, this spray is what you need as it helps combat odours without adding on strong artificial scent.

woman spraying rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray on back to treat acnePhoto from Rock & Herb

woman spraying rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray on underarms as a deodorant for body odorPhoto from Rock & Herb

The eco-conscious will be glad to know that the bottle is refillable and fully recyclable. As it's so easy to refill the bottle, Rock & Herb came up with an ingenious design where the ink fades away over time. That way, the bottles can't be resold with counterfeit liquid. 

rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray eco friendly refillable bottlePhoto from Rock & Herb

rock herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray eco friendly refillable bottlePhoto from Rock & Herb

If you have too much on your plate but don't want to sacrifice your skin's health and look, the Rock & Herb Skin Essence Spray needs to be in your skincare routine! Just spray it on and you'll get brighter, moisturised and more youthful-looking skin with reduced acne & body acne. For those who prefer an elaborate skincare routine, this spray will also be a great addition for on-the-go hydration and instant soothing effects.

Shop the Rock & Herb Perfecting Skin Essence Spray at rockandherb.comLazada or Shopee.

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