Special Backpack With LED Screen Lets You Play Games & Customise Pixel Art Through Your Phone

Special Backpack With LED Screen Lets You Play Games & Customise Pixel Art Through Your Phone

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By Rachel on 23 Jul 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Online shopping has been a real blessing with the unlimited options it brings us, including items from around the world that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get in Singapore. Shopaholics would be no stranger to Taobao, a mobile shopping destination that has just about everything - from affordable fashion to home items, innovative gadgets to arts and crafts.

To shine a spotlight on the ingenuity of entrepreneurs on its platform, Taobao has brought back its annual Taobao Maker Festival 2021, happening now till 25 July with an oriental fantasy and escape room theme to showcase the innovations of their hundred-over participating merchants. Among these include a high-tech LED backpack with games and customisable pixel art - set to be the next fashion tech trend!

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Divoom Pixoo LED backpack Singapore Taobao
Photo from Divoom

Fashion picks these days come in various distinctive styles, but we betcha haven’t seen a backpack that fits anyone like this before! While it appears like any regular black backpack on the surface, the Pixoo Backpack (RMB699, ~S$147)  by Divoom actually has a high-tech LED surface that comes alive with coloured lights! Using just your smartphone, you can customise your own animated pixel art for display across its 256 LED light beads, as a means of expressing your personality or making a bold statement.

Divoom Pixoo LED backpack Singapore Taobao
Photo from Divoom

That’s not all - when boredom strikes, you can even use it to play games, with the backpack as a screen and your phone logged into the free Divoom app as a controller! Think nostalgic, old-school style fun such as tetris, snake, shooting a la Space Invaders and plenty more!

Divoom Pixoo LED backpack Singapore Taobao
Photo from Divoom

That aside are practical functions like an alarm clock and display of social media notifications. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof, which makes it highly versatile! You can also don it while night cycling along busy roads so that others will be able to spot you in the dark for better safety.

Glamping projector tent Singapore taobao
Photo from The Free Spirits

Glamping is all the rage these days, so another item that’ll pique your interest is this projector tent (from RMB199, ~S$42) by The Free Spirits, an established tent company of over a decade that’s highly popular in Japan. With the tent’s plain white surface doubling up as a projector screen, camp-outs at East Coast or Pasir Ris will now be taken up a notch with your favourite Netflix shows on wide display.

Since you won’t have to lug your own bulky foldable screen around, that’s more space for packing along props like cushions, throws, and fairy lights - to upgrade your camping trip into a full-out glamping session! Wide and airy, the tent comes with an additional rain sheet and fits up to 4 adults comfortably, with enough space to lay out a full picnic spread!

Pet treadmill Singapore taobao
Photo from Yesoul

There’s something for your furkid too - if your dog or cat is a food-motivated chonk, make them werk for their kibble with a nifty pet treadmill (RMB6999, ~S$1478) by exercise equipment brand Yesoul. With 4 different modes, the innovative machine will only dispense food with your pet’s movement, effectively helping them burn off excess energy as it eats. Slim and silent, this device won’t take up too much space in your home and comes with side guards for your pet’s safety.

CatBook cat fake laptop Singapore
Photo from Purlab

Speaking of pets, cat owners will be all too familiar with how their curious feline pals are prone to pouncing onto their work desks without warning, sitting on or stepping all over the keyboard at the worst moments possible - such as during an important Zoom meeting. Enter the CatBook (from RMB49, ~S$10.35) by cat accessory store PurLab, a realistic-looking toy laptop just for your kitty!

There’s a ball toy hidden within a cut-out nook of the CatBook’s “keyboard” to keep your furbaby occupied, and you can even switch out the background for a fresh experience. Now you and your pawed pal can work from home simultaneously, side by side. Aww.

About Taobao Maker Festival 2021

Embroidered watch Singapore taobao
Photo from Taobao

Taobao Maker Festival is an annual festival that aims to celebrate and showcase a host of unique innovations from young creators on the Taobao platform. While last year’s event was mainly online, this year’s edition is again held offline and brought to Shanghai, with a Chinese anime fantasy theme titled “The Lost Treasure” to boot! Other than the product showcase, some of the main highlights of the event include a treasure hunt cum escape room game and a series of art exhibitions by young talents.

The above are just a small handful of the unique items one will find at the Taobao Maker Festival - from mini hanfus in a matchbox, to hyaluronic acid drinking water, and mechanical watches with intricate embroidery, there’s plenty more waiting on Taobao waiting to be discovered!

Check out our article on last year’s Taobao Maker Festival here.

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