5 Signs Of A Clogged Scalp & The Best Products To Give It A Detox

5 Signs Of A Clogged Scalp & The Best Products To Give It A Detox

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By Karmen on 02 Aug 2021
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If you've ever looked into the mirror and thought your hair looks a bit meh, it might be a sign of a clogged scalp which ruins the overall look of the hair.

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Beautiful, healthy-looking hair starts at the root. A happy scalp means a gorgeous flick-worthy mane, lots of volume and faster growing strands.

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But when the scalp isn't in good condition, that's where that lacklustre and dull look takes over. A common issue with scalps is a buildup which leads to clogged hair follicles. The scalp produces sebum as a way to self-moisturise, but an overproduction of sebum combined with dead skin cells, pollution particles, sweat and styling products lead to a clogged scalp. This shows up in the form of a host of issues that don't look or feel good.

These are some signs of a clogged scalp:

  1. Itching, dryness or discomfort
  2. Dandruff
  3. Oiliness
  4. Flat hair
  5. Hair loss

You might be thinking, 'I wash my hair every day, that's should clear the scalp, right?'. Well, many off-the-counter shampoos aren't formulated to deep cleanse the scalp, and those that contain silicones might even contribute to more buildup as silicones coat the hair and are notoriously difficult to wash out.

One range of products that will give your scalp and hair a thorough detox is Marc Anthony True Professional's new Hair & Scalp Detox collection. This range consists of scalp-loving ingredients that deep cleanse as well as provide long-lasting moisture. They're also free of sulfates, SLS, parabens, phthalates and silicones.

For those who already have healthy scalps, lucky you, and these detoxifying hair products will also work well for you to maintain it and make sure your hair and scalp stay in top form.

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Shampoo ($17.90)

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This deep cleansing shampoo has two key ingredients that help detox the scalp: Willow Bark & Black Pepper.

Willow bark is a natural exfoliant that gently clears excess oil and unclogs hair follicles on the scalp. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which will help soothe redness, itchiness and discomfort.

The vitamin C present in black pepper helps fight bacteria on the scalp. It's also mildly acidic which means it gets rid of dead skin cells and buildup. Black pepper is also packed with other scalp-friendly nutrients, like vitamin A, folic acid and potassium, that will help with dry and itchy scalps as well as dandruff.

Something pleasantly surprising about this shampoo was that it wasn't drying, unlike most clarifying shampoos. It has a creamy consistency that made my hair feel moisturised and silky even while I was washing it. And after rinsing it off, I could get away with using much less conditioner than usual. It also has a relaxing and mild cooling effect like a gentle breeze - nothing like the overwhelming tingly sensation from menthol or mint shampoos.

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Conditioner ($17.90)

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh shampoo and Conditioner Photo from Marc Anthony

Once the hair and scalp are deeply cleansed, its moisture needs to be replenished to rebalance scalp sebum and keep the hair in tip-top condition.

The conditioner in the Hair & Scalp Detox range also has willow bark and black pepper for a cooling and calming effect. Other ingredients include silk amino acids and olive fruit oil; both give the hair intense nourishment so you get the combination of a refreshed, detoxed scalp and smooth and silky hair.

A lot of conditioners can either have a smoothening effect or avoid weighing down my fine hair. The Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh conditioner is a rare gem that does both at the same time. It has a very lightweight consistency which leaves my hair silky smooth without losing its bounce.

After following using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair looks more voluminous and has more body. I also find it much easier to comb my hair as it gets less knots and tangles.

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purifying Scalp Scrub with Mineral Salt ($4.90)

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purifying Scalp Scrub with Mineral SaltPhoto from Marc Anthony

While the Hair & Scalp Detox shampoo might be able to get rid of everyday grime, those who use styling products regularly might find a heavy buildup on the scalp that seems to stay for eons.

That's when you can break out the Purifying Scalp Scrub to give freshly shampooed hair a more thorough detox once a week or so. Formulated with peppermint oil, this scrub micro-exfoliates the scalp to deeply cleanse and remove the most unyielding buildup.

At times when I've used dry shampoo and hair spray for a few consecutive days, I shampoo my hair as per usual, then rinse and lightly massage the scrub into my entire scalp for 30 seconds. The tiny pieces of exfoliants feel gentle on the scalp and the process feels like pampering myself to a DIY spa. Although it has a consistency of a thick paste, it rinses off effortlessly and doesn't leave a residue.

Using this scalp scrub is like hitting the reset button on my hair, as it gets rid of all the buildup and makes my scalp feel refreshed and brand new.

If your scalp shows signs of being clogged, Marc Anthony's new range of hair products will help get all that grime out and restore your hair to its glory. You can find the products at Watsons, ShopCorlison and on Marc Anthony's website.

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