How I Finally Fixed My Hair Loss, Thin Hair & Flat Roots Problem

How I Finally Fixed My Hair Loss, Thin Hair & Flat Roots Problem

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ByKarmen on 08 Jul 2021 Digital Editor

Now, I'm all for the self acceptance movement, but some days of loving myself also involves wanting to swap my lifeless, limp hair for a head of thick, luscious locks like those of Korean celebs.

Recently, I've finally found a routine that has actually made this dream a reality.

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Not to be overdramatic, but my hair used to be the bane of my existence. It was thin, flat, oily at the roots, dry at the middle and ends, and would develop a foul smell in the late afternoon. I was also shedding a worrying amount of hair and had a prominent hairline.

woman with thinning hair prominent hair part
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And believe me, I tried long and hard to do something about it. That includes experimenting with different shampoos, serums, creams, scalp tonics, and trying different styling techniques, haircuts, hair lengths, etc. All these worked to some extent, but my hair would eventually return to its original dreary state.

Some habits that actually made a difference are massaging my scalp gently every day while shampooing and using gentle hair products formulated for thin hair and oily scalps. I also avoid heat tools and heavy styling products to avoid damaging or weighing down my hair.

But one monumental moment that transformed my hair is having a proper scalp treatment. What makes or breaks the look and feel of hair is scalp health. So naturally, keeping the scalp clean and healthy can lead to healthy, thick hair.

Recently, I've been going for scalp treatments at Topp Care, which is certified by US Trichology Institute & a member of British Herbal Medicine Association.

toppcare singapore scalp treatment
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Much like how we all have different skin types, our scalp types are also unique. Taking this into account, Topp Care arranged for a scalp analysis and consultation before recommending a customised treatment to target my unique hair concern.

scanning oily scalp hair loss at toppcare singapore
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During the consultation, the hair specialist scanned my scalp to show a close-up view of my hair follicles on a screen. The scans revealed that I had an excessively oily scalp and hair follicles clogged with oil. The oiliness made my hair flat and lifeless, while the clogged follicles caused my hair to be thin and weak. Another thing the specialist noticed was that some of my hair follicles were closed up and would not regenerate hair.

scan consultation at toppcare singapore scalp treatment
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Based on the results of the scan, I was recommended the Detoxdren Treatment to address my oily scalp and hair loss issue.

hair mask at toppcare singapore scalp treatment
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I was then led to a cosy seating area and started with the first step, a deep cleansing Detoxdren mask. The hair specialist applied this mask right at the roots of my hair and left it on for 20 minutes to let all the oil, pollution particles and other residue loosen from my scalp.

After washing off the mask, it felt like a weight had quite literally lifted off my scalp. It had a refreshing and clean feeling while still leaving my scalp feeling nourished.

hair moisturising mist at toppcare singapore scalp treatment
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Next, a moisturising spray was applied to the midsection and ends of my hair to keep it hydrated. Like all Topp Care products, this spray is formulated with natural botanical ingredients like aloe vera, burdock and thyme, which promote hair growth and scalp health.

scalp tonic ampoule at toppcare singapore
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This was followed by a hair growth ampoule applied to the scalp and massaged in gently to stimulate blood circulation.

toppcare singapore scalp treatment massage
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The hair specialist then blow dried my hair in preparation for the last step: Infra-Red Therapy.

In this 10-minute treatment, my hair was surrounded by red bulbs emitting a red light, delivering energy deep into the hair follicles.

toppcare singapore scalp treatment infrared machine
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This helps boost the absorption of nutrients from the ampoule into the hair follicles, regenerating the scalp cells and promote blood flow. It also helps soothe inflammation and redness in sensitive scalps.

Although the bulbs look alarming, it was actually a comfortable experience as it gives a subtle warm sensation that lulled me into a relaxed state.

topp care singapore infra red scalp treatment
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After just one treatment, my hair looked and felt much lighter. The follow-up scan proved this to be true as my clogged hair follicles were now clean and clear, allowing my hair to grow thicker and stronger with less hair loss.

scalp scan before and after at toppcare singapore
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In the long term, there was significantly more volume and bounce to my hair. And the pleasant outcome of Topp Care's scalp treatment is that there's much less hair in the drain after showering - my hair loss issue is finally kept in check. My scalp also feels fresh throughout the day compared to the icky, grimy feeling before.

woman's scalp and hair before after topp care treatment singapore
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Besides my hair loss and oily scalp issues, Topp Care also provides treatments for other hair concerns like greying hair. And their treatments are suitable for everyone of all ages, young and old.

If you share my hair woes and want to give your scalp some TLC, Topp Care Hair Solutions' scalp treatment may be your calling. You can now try it at a special price of just $40 (U.P. $309), which includes the customised scalp treatment, hair/scalp analysis, hair care kit and Infra-Red therapy. Sign up here.

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