This Local Brand Lets You Customise Your Own Bath Bombs By Choosing The Design & Fragrance

This Local Brand Lets You Customise Your Own Bath Bombs By Choosing The Design & Fragrance

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ByWei Yin on 02 Apr 2021 Digital Editor

Going on your next staycation soon and planning to soak in the bathtub for a relaxing time? Then make sure you get a bath bomb, and it's even better if it's one that is entirely customised according to your preferences!

Local body care brand Nude & Jar sells customisable bath bombs and you can choose your preferred design, shape, benefits and fragrance. Beware: they come in really adorable shapes that are hard to resist.

Read on to find out more!

Nude & Jar body wash and bath bombs
Photo from Nude & Jar

Nude & Jar calls their bath bombs "fizzies" and they are infused with natural coconut oil that will leave your skin feeling moisturised. They are 100% vegan, cruelty and paraben free, and handmade with love.

The best part is they are really affordable too! Get a set of one large and one medium-sized bath bomb for only $24.

Here are the ones you can choose from:

Rubber Ducky (large)

Nude & Jar Rubber Ducky fizzies
Photo from Nude & Jar

Take a walk down memory lane with the Rubber Ducky, a classic bath time toy. Choose from eight colours ranging from pastels to dark hues.

Gummy Bear (large)

Nude & Jar Gummy Bear bath bombs
Photo from Nude & Jar

The Gummy Bear bath bomb is one of the cuter designs and it's also available in eight colours.

Nude & Jar's Moon (medium)

Nude & Jar Moon bath bomb
Photo from Nude & Jar

Relax in the bathtub with this Moon bath bomb available in three colours.

Donut (medium)


Nude & Jar Donut bath bomb
Photo from Nude & Jar

The Donut bath bomb looks so realistic and yummy, but you can't eat it! It's available in eight colours and you can even choose your preferred sprinkles.

Dragon's Egg (medium)

Nude & Jar Dragon's Egg bath bomb
Photo from Nude & Jar

The Dragon's Egg bath bomb will fizzle and reveal glitter when it touches the water. You can choose from five glitter colours.

Heart Waffle 

Nude & Jar Heart Waffle bath bomb
Photo from Nude & Jar

The Heart Waffle bath bomb costs $15 as it's slightly bigger. You can also opt for drizzle and choose your preferred sprinkles (confetti, mini hearts and more).

Nude & Jar bath bombs in box
Photo from Nude & Jar

Apart from choosing the shape and design, you will get to choose the benefits too. Options include moisturising, energising and stress relief.

There are 12 fragrances to choose from - baby powder, cherry blossom, geranium & citrus, lavender, lily orchid & rose, oatmeal milk & honey, peach peony & musk, peach pineapple & ocean, pink watermelon, sage & sea salt, starfruit & mango, and ylang ylang & french jasmine.

You can build your own fizzies here and remember to add one large and one medium bath bomb into your cart before checking out.

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