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OMG! Durian Curry Puffs @Old Chang Kee's Curry Day 2018

OMG! Durian Curry Puffs @Old Chang Kee's Curry Day 2018

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By christinelai on 26 Jul 2018

Say Whut? Can this be true? Durians together with a curry puff??? The first thing that comes to mind might be "What on earth?" It seems that the trend now is to simply mix Durian into everything that the mind can fathom of (McFlurry, Tarts, Cake, Buns, Mooncake), but can the combination of Durian and Curry Puff really work together? (though they are both pretty awesome on their own) Is that being a tad too 'adventurous' or pushing all 'culinary boundaries'?






As mind boggling as it might sound, Old Chang Kee has decide to get adventurous and  mix the "king" of fruits into its traditional curry pastry, much the the horror or pleasure of many.



TNPPhoto from TNP



If durian is way to pungent for you, you can also try something milder, like the jackfruit, now also in curry puff form.






Both the Durian Curry Chicken'O and the Jackfruit Curry Chicken'O will be debuting at Old Chang Kee's Curry Day 2018.



There will undoubtedly be mixed feelings about new combination, ranging from adverse feelings to delight.(because Durian can do no wrong) Love it or hate it though, we are pretty sure all of you are curious to discover what it tastes like. (I know we are!) Head down to the event yourself and let us know. Yay or Nay?





Despite the misgivings one might have, lets not forget that their Nasi Lemak Puff was a complete hit. Perhaps Old Chang Kee does have a penchant and talent for reinventing the wheel when it comes to these traditional puffs. Who knows?



The new flavours will be offered at $4 for two pieces. These exciting new flavours will only be exclusively available for these two days, so it's truly now or never. Better try it, so you at least have a new interesting topic to talk about.


If these two new flavours sound way too scandalous for you, you can still enjoy other curry related treats at the event. Apart from their usual Curry Puffs (Boring), you can savour their new Chicken Chunky Pops with Curry Sauce and even Merlion Curry Cookies.


You can try your hand at curry puff crimping sessions and pounding your own curry spices absolutely free of charge. Sounds more thrilling than a Home Economics Class!


Old Chang KeePhoto from Old Chang Kee


Don't miss out on the fun! (And Durian)


Location: [email protected] Square this Friday 27 July and Saturday 28 July.

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm.


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