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5 Best Affordable Skin Brightening Supplements You Can Shop Online In Singapore

5 Best Affordable Skin Brightening Supplements You Can Shop Online In Singapore

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By Karmen on 12 Mar 2021
Digital Editor

Sure, strategic use of highlighters and concealers can provide a temporary glowing and flawless complexion. But wouldn't it be nice to wake up with naturally flawless skin every day? Cue a convenient way to have bright, glowing skin all the time - brightening supplements.

Keep reading to check out five affordable brightening supplements you can shop online in Singapore! 

Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 OralPhoto from Heliocare

This Heliocare supplement contains their signature antioxidant ingredient Fernblock® as well as White Tech Complex, a combination of active ingredients which help fight free radical damage, slow skin ageing and control pigmentation. Punica Granatum (Ellagic Acid) and L-Cystine whiten the skin while vitamins C and B3 work to brighten and smoothen the skin, and improve skin elasticity. You can purchase these supplements in clinics around Singapore.

astalift Whiteshield SupplementPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

These are actually UV supplements but they also work to brighten the skin. One dose (2 tablets) contains 6mg of astaxanthin which helps the body protect itself from the effects of UV rays. It also contains beauty ingredients like lycopene, vitamins, polyphenol and collagen that keep skin radiant and smooth.

Check out our review of ASTALIFT's supplements and drinkable sunblock here.

Sato Hakubi White C tabletsPhoto from Sato


This supplement is popular in Japan amongst those who want to lighten their freckles and pigmentation that developed from sun exposure. It's formulated with a high content of L-Cysteine and vitamin C for an enhanced skin whitening effect. It also contains vitamin B6 which promotes skin re-generation so the skin looks smoother and brighter over time.

Salmon DNA bhk's capsule supplementsPhoto from BHK's

The "salmon milt extract" in this supplement's ingredient list might raise eyebrows, but it's really an antioxidant ingredient that promotes skin cell regeneration. This Japan-patented ingredient helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, the appearance of rough or uneven skin, new scars and acne scars.

EISAI Chocola BB Lucent C Skin Lightening SupplementPhoto from EISAI

You can't go wrong with the tried-and-tested brightening ingredient, vitamin C! This supplement contains 600mg of vitamin C to combat and diminish melanin that causes pigmentation. It also has vitamin B2 and B6 to improve blood flow in the epidermis and boost skin turnover for healthy, bright skin.

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