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These Vintage Polaroid X Sanrio & Barbie 600 Cameras By Retrospekt Are Bringing Back The Nostalgia

These Vintage Polaroid X Sanrio & Barbie 600 Cameras By Retrospekt Are Bringing Back The Nostalgia

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By Karmen on 25 Feb 2021
Digital Editor

If you're a camera geek and Sanrio or Barbie lover at the same time, there are some refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 cameras that you'll want to get your hands on.


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In celebration of Hello Kitty's 45th anniversary in 2019, Sanrio teamed up with vintage electronic refurbisher Retrospekt to release a limited edition Polaroid 600 vintage instant camera.

The retro red, blue and white colours are inspired by original graphics from Hello Kitty's debut in the mid-70s. Inside the new plastic exterior is vintage 600 internal parts that were deconstructed and restored. Officially licensed by Polaroid and Sanrio, the camera uses Polaroid Originals 600 film.

Polaroid 600 vintage instant camera blue redPhoto from Retrospekt

blue red hello kitty Polaroid 600 vintage instant cameraPhoto from Retrospekt

You can purchase this red, blue & white 600 camera for $228 from local camera store OKB on Carousell.

Unfortunately, the pink Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 Camera (US$249, ~S$328.87) is currently out of stock on Retrospekt's online store. while the white and pastel pink and blue Polaroid x Hello Kitty & Friends 600 Camera is only sold on Sanrio's official website which doesn't ship to Singapore.


pink Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 cameraPhoto from Retrospekt

Hello Kitty & Friends Polaroid 600 cameraPhoto from Retrospekt

There's still some good news though, there are also Barbie and Gudetama versions that are available for purchase!

vintage 600 camera polaroidPhoto from Retrospekt

Over two decades after the Barbie Polaroid camera was first released in 1999, Retrospekt has brought back Polaroid 600 instant camera internals with a bold, newly-moulded, Barbie-themed exterior designed based on the graphics and colours of the original Barbie Polaroid camera. It's available on Retrospekt's online store with US$39.43 (~S$52.08) shipping fee to Singapore.

Polaroid Gudetama 600 Instant CameraPhoto from Retrospekt

Like the other cameras, this one has vintage camera internals housed in a new Gudetama-themed exterior. You can purchase it at Urban Outfitters with S$30 shipping to Singapore.

If that price tag is out of our budget, there are more affordable options like the $53 Hello Kitty digital camera and Sanrio Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Or you could spend $20 for a ticket to the Vintage Cameras Museum in Singapore with giant camera statues and over 1000 cameras.

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